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Content Overview

Module 1

Your money mindset.

Module 1, Chapter 1

Tradition & your money mindset.

Module 1, Chapter 2

What can your money do for you?

Module 1, Chapter 3

How to talk money.

Module 2

Planning your money.

Module 2, Chapter 1

What you want in life & how to make it happen.

Module 2, Chapter 2

The first steps to financial success.

Module 3, Chapter 3

Planning money for anything life throws at you.

Module 3

Budget & savings.

Module 2, Chapter 3

Savings, targets & budgets - oh my!

Module 3, Chapter 4

Do you have a safety net?

Module 4


Module 2, Chapter 4

Financial Services (FS) providers 101.

Module 3, Chapter 1

What is investing?

Module 4, Chapter 2

How do I start investing?

Module 4, Chapter 4

Do I need to use a financial advisor?

Module 5


Module 4, Chapter 3

Have you planned your pension?

Module 6


Module 4, Chapter 1

Can your money change the world?

Module 7

Recessions & crashes.

Module 5, Chapter 1

What is a recession?

Module 5, Chapter 2

Preparing for a recession.

Shortcut summary

If you don't want to work through all the modules, you can take a shortcut and access our super fast summary. It won't equip you with in-depth knowledge, but provides a synopsis of the most important points from each chapter.