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This is your place to find your way around in our 16 interactive digital modules.

You'll enjoy fun exercises, get handy checklists and learn what you need to know when you need it.

Connect money to your life

Module 1

Module 1, Chapter 1

Why money is important

Module 1, Chapter 2

What money means to you

Happiness and money

Read time
8 min.

Your money worries

Read time
5 min.
Module 1, Chapter 3

Talk about money

Design your money programme

Module 2

Module 2, Chapter 1

Define your life goals and the money needed

Module 2, Chapter 2

Evaluate your financial situation

Module 2, Chapter 3

Set budget and saving targets

Module 2, Chapter 4

Understand the basics

Assemble your financial tools

Module 3

Module 3, Chapter 1

Learn the essential financial concepts

Module 3, Chapter 2

Understand the important financial tools

Module 3, Chapter 4

Define your safety plan

Take action

Module 4

Module 4, Chapter 1

Define what matters to you

Module 4, Chapter 2

Calculate your investment amount

Module 4, Chapter 3

Define your retirement plan

Module 4, Chapter 4

Find a financial advisor

Prepare for a Recession

Module 5

Module 5, Chapter 1

What is a Recession?

Module 5, Chapter 2

Preparing for a Recession

Shortcut summary

If you don't want to work through all the modules, you can take a shortcut and access our super fast summary. It won't equip you with in-depth knowledge, but provides a synopsis of the most important points from each chapter.