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Civil status
Passionate about
Nonviolent Communication. I can talk nonstop about it.
The planet and making a difference
City, Country
London, GB
Cleona Lira
I'm your right coach/adviser because
My clients include working professionals that want to delegate their investment management, retired or semi-retired individuals who want to enjoy financial freedom with an income-focused portfolio or who want help with pension drawdown. A generous percentage of my client base tends to be women who enjoy the connection & working with a female financial adviser.

Top desires of my clients include wanting to feel more confident, in control of their investments & retirement plans. Also, to delegate the management of their finances to a professional, so they can spend more time focusing on their job and family. Since I specialise in ethical investing, some clients primary motivation is to build an investment portfolio in line with their core values.

I enjoy listening wholeheartedly to what is important to my clients so I can help design a solution to meet their deeper (financial) needs - be it financial independence, integrity, safety & security or any other.

Besides investment advice, I care deeply about liberating people to have clarity & freedom in their relationship with money (and life).

Minimum Asset Size?
· £200,000 for investments (investable assets)
· No minimum size for new pensions
I can support you in the following:
Specific investment advice, e.g. build/manage an existing portfolio
Help you make a more sustainable impact with your money (e.g. impact investing, philanthropy)
Help with retirement planning
Financial knowhow required
Beginner with some financial literacy experience
Advanced financial literacy
I can interact with you
Face to face
Skills & Qualifications
Company name Conscious Money
Function / Role Independent Financial Adviser
Place of work Independent professional
Years of experience 10 - 20 years
Chartered Financial Planner
Regulatory (FCA) Authorized: Yes
Reference Number CML01082
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