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Arts and culture
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Playing an instrument
The planet and making a difference
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London, GB
Michael Morris
I'm your right coach because
Having been a fund manager for many years I could see the value of sensible investing in making a real difference to longer term financial security. I knew through experience that investing is difficult. There are also the complexities of tax and legislation regarding personal finance. Even though I was a professional investor there were important gaps in my knowledge. If only I could broaden my knowledge I could build a compelling proposition that would help not only my own family and friends but also something of value that would have wider appeal. Although I have added the knowledge I felt I needed I have also learnt that it is an ongoing cycle of learning and development to give the best advice possible. My clients trust me to help them put in place plans that protect their families and build their wealth to enable them enjoy their medium and long term financial goals. Importantly, I don't just arrange these for them. I make sure they understand exactly what they are doing and why so that they can have control of their financial planning and learn how to incorporate flexibility. Life changes despite best made plans and my clients trust me to give them sensible advice at every stage to empower them to make their own decisions.
I can support you in the following:
Advice on house purchase and mortgages
Estate Planning (e.g. Inheritance, Legacy)
General advice, e.g. review of a personal situation
Help with retirement planning
Help you make a more sustainable impact with your money (e.g. impact investing, philanthropy)
Specific investment advice, e.g. build/manage an existing portfolio
Tax advice
Financial knowhow required
Beginner with some financial literacy experience
Advanced financial literacy
I can interact with you
Face to face
Skills & Qualifications
Company name Twelve Wealth Management Limited
Function / Role Financial Adviser
Place of work Representative of a larger bank
Years of experience 20+ years
Regulatory (FCA) Authorized: Yes
Reference Number 822527
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