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Give your network access to money confidence.


of people rate money as a top stress factor in life. If your members worry about money, shouldn't you help them?


On average, people spend 13 hours per month at work worrying about money, you can help your network reduce their money troubles.


of people trust word of mouth referrals over anything else. You're in a unique position to recommend the right services.

Retain members.


Demonstrate your commitment to wellbeing by sharing our independent financial education toolbox with your community - retaining & gaining deeper investment from your connections.


Add value.


Offering SmartPurse as a recommended product to your network will add immeasurable value to your community as well as providing encouragement to close the financial knowledge gap.


Encourage personal growth.


Providing your community with self-development and empowerment expresses your commitment to them as part of your network.


Inspire your members to get a grip on their money.


Digital Money School.

With easy to digest modules, your colleagues can learn at their pace. Digital Money School includes money topic modules, checklists, calculators, trackers, and full access to our resource library.



We have a variety of live & pre-recorded courses for you to choose from. Whether you want to explore money lessons with your colleagues in live, instructor-led sessions, or use an internal training session to learn from one of our video-on-demand courses, we have plenty of options to choose from; and we are constantly adding to that list. We can even design a course specifically for your business.


Events, workshops & speeches.

Our co-Founder, Olga Miler, has been working in Financial Services for over 15 years and is known as an award-winning innovator & change-maker. As a keynote speaker, Olga brings knowledge, humour and passion to every money topic she speaks to. Jude Kelly, also co-Founder of SmartPurse, is one of the most important people in the arts. Having set up Women of the World (WoW Foundation) she truly champions and celebrates every woman's ability to better themself. Both can be booked for public speaking, podcasts and interviews on various financial, motivational & inspirational topics.


Articles & blog posts.

We can create bespoke article content for your business needs, collaborate on writing blog posts, or provide existing content for your intranet, internal newsletters, website or any other way you publish content.


Sponsorship, advertising & affiliation.

We are always open to partnerships that develop outreach with clients whether that's sponsoring our Money Rally events, social collaborations or product affiliations.



Would you prefer to provide any of our services as white-labelled content to your colleagues? We are happy to do that for you.

Try us for free & see what your network thinks.

Providing one of our money webinars is a great way to see how your network responds.

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You're in good company.

Make a difference to your members by giving them the tools & impartial knowledge they need to get a grip on their money.

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