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Save money & secure your future

Prepare for anything life could throw at you.


Create your own financial plan in 7 simple steps.

Show you how to create a financial plan that starts with life, not money. 


8 mins read


How to budget, save and plan for life.

In our Module 2 - Design your money programme you'll learn how to link your goals to your financial plan, what you need for life events and how to save money, and stay on track.

Premium membership required


Money Fundamentals: a 3-week, instructor-led course.

For every woman who doesn't know quite where to begin their journey to financial freedom and wants to get started.


3 money classes

With membership starting from £0 you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Essential steps for saving & growing your money.


Build a budget and keep track of it.


Put money aside for emergencies.


Build a plan for your dreams in the future.


Consider investing instead of saving only.

Webinar: 5 secrets to live a secure financial life.

A good financial plan can help you prepare for all life events and help you reach your goals.

This webinar gives you an introduction to how you can build your financial plan.

Free webinar, watching time: 18 mins

Life moments that matter