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Profitable pension planning.

Retired women on holiday.

Plan your best future today!

In our Profitable Pension Planning session, we'll help you understand the steps you need to take to secure a healthy, happy future. 

Wednesday 7th July, 6-8pm.

We're living longer & want to live in style.

Depending on when we choose to retire, we could easily spend over 25 years living on our pension. It seems like an insurmountable challenge, making sure we have enough money to live the lifestyle we're used to, without any income. But it can be done. And we're going to help you realise that. 

According to UNISON:

  • Only 52% of women are adequately saving for retirement in comparison to 60% of men.
  • Female pensions have a net weekly income that is approximately 85% of their male counterparts.
  • Women account for approximately 61% of pensions above state pension age. 

What you'll gain:

  • Understand the basics of retirement & pensions, invaluable information for any age, as well as going into the specifics of women and pensions in the UK.

  • Retrain your thinking to 'Money Mindset', because the way you think about your finances is often holding you back from control. 

  • Explore specific pension topics including the hidden factors to consider, and what 'annuities' really do.

  • Two hours of essential pension information, led by expert speakers, including the opportunity for your questions to be answered in a live Q&A.

Trustworthy, competent, motivating, inspiring, and objective. 


Summary of profitable pension planning.

  • Provides the information and tools necessary to start planning a pension at any age, and goes into detail on the 'hidden factors' of pensions, the stats on women & pensions, and how your 'Money Mindset' could change it all.
  • Exclusive access to our expert speakers through a live Q&A session.
  • The opportunity to join like-minded women in this online event, and grow your network of financially confident friends!
  • Pensioners on holiday.

    Profitable pension planning.

    Includes 1 month of access to Digital Money School.