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Learn the money basics in 4 easy stages with our interactive, time saving learning journey. Increase your financial confidence by making it real - step-by-step with checklists, templates and tools. The current journey is a first version, we continuously add content and evolve it. Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy your journey to health, happiness and independence with your money.

  • Take a snapshot of your financial health

    Find out what you feel and know about money in just 3 minutes. This survey will help you to see where you stand today and what steps you can take to become financially confident. This is not a test. Simply rate yourself where you feel you stand today on all of the 13 questions.

  • A. Connect money to your life

    Learn why money is important and how it is linked to your life stage. Define what money means to you and build a healthy relationship with it. 

  • B. Design your money programme

    Design your life goals and define the money you need to achieve them. Evaluate your financial situation, set your budgeting and saving targets. And learn about the practical financial basiscs.

  • C. Assemble your financial tools

    Learn about the basic financial concepts and the most important financial tools. You will get an overview of the most important documents needed plus defining and building your safety plan.

  • D. Take action

    Define what matters to you and how to translate this into your investment philosophy. Calculate your investment amount, define a long term plan and find the right advisor to trust.

  • Top Money Questions and our Answers

    We cover regularly money questions we receive from our clients. Real-life questions, from real people. 

  • All in one place - Money in a nutshell

    Take a shortcut to financial confidence... We've collected all the key information from our learning journey and put them all in one place, just for you.