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FREE Webinar

Learn about money in an easy way and when and how your time permits - in the evening on the couch or while commuting to work. In our free webinars, which take between 15 minutes and 1 hour, we cover different topics around money and investing. Sit back and listen.

  • Weekly Money Hour - fresh insights from a financial advisor

    In this money hour we are honoured to welcome Claudia Button as special guest. Claudia is a financial advisor working for Amicus W...
  • Weekly Money Hour - Money mistakes

    Learn from real life case studies and get insider tips on how to avoid the most common money mistakes that women often make.
  • Weekly Money Hour - a golden opportunity

    In this webinar you will get from our special guest David McAlvany insider tipps about gold you should know.
  • Weekly Money Hour - How To Teach Your Kids About Money

    This weekly money hour is for all parents out there... Did you know that money habits are largely shaped by age 7? Listen to our i...
  • Weekly Money Hour - Humor helps!

    It's time for some laugher... :-) After the lonely time in quarantine we thought it's time for some fun.... In this money hour we ...
  • Weekly Money Hour - Tips for a healthy retirement (despite corona)

    In this money hour we are honoured to welcome Daniella Jenkins as special guest, talking about pension.
  • Weekly Money Hour - Sailing out of the storm with confidence

    In this money hour we are honoured to welcome Jude Kelly as special guest, talking about sailing out of the storm with confidence ...
  • Weekly Money Hour - Investment opportunities in times of crisis

    This Webinar is about investment opportunities in times of crisis.
  • Weekly Money Hour - Riding the 'COVID-19' storm together

    We created the weekly money hour to exchange on topics around money and life in times of crisis. We want to make sure that everyon...
  • Warum 'frau' vor der Geldanlage keine Angst haben muss. (in German)

    In unserem 60 Minuten Webinar zeigen wir dir, wie du Schlaueres mit deinem Geld anstellen und dich dabei auch wohlfühlen kannst. ...