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FREE Webinar

Learn about money in an easy way and when and how your time permits - in the evening on the couch or while commuting to work. In our free webinars, which take between 15 minutes and 1 hour, we cover different topics around money and investing. You will always receive tangible ideas, suggestions and tips from our experts. Sit back and listen.

  • Why you don't need to be afraid of investing.

    Our 15 minute webinar is aimed at encouraging more women to take the plunge – but really, the facts apply to anyone who might be t...
  • 5 secrets to live a secure financial life

    Whatever life throws at you - get prepared to have your finances under control. A good financial plan can help you prepare for all...
  • What investment products are there and which one is right for me?

    Is one of your goals to start investing? Wondering where to start? Our 20-minute, free webinar will give you a good start on how t...
  • Having holiday conversations (about money)

    In this 20 minute webinar, we share useful tips for a healthy money conversation.
  • How much risk is right for you?

    This is a 20 minute webinar providing you an overview on how risk and return relate in the financial world.
  • What are your life goals?

    This is a 15 minute webinar providing you a tangible step-by-step approach on how you can turn your dreams into plans and finally,...