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Weekly Money Hour - Tips for a healthy retirement (despite corona)

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45 min.

We created the weekly money hour to exchange on topics around money and life in times of crisis. Each money hour has a deep dive topic selected by the community.

In this money hour we are honoured to welcome Daniella Jenkins as special guest, talking about pension.

We'll talk about:

  • how life will look like in the future
  • biggest risks and biggest opportunities when it comes to pensions
  • what mistakes women make that should be avoided
  • tips on what women should do to protect their future

Daniella Jenkins

Daniella did ballet for 9 years... and she is currently writing her PhD on the future of life and how pension needs to be redesigned. 

Work is what we do, not what we get paid for.

Daniella Jenkins

Some key takeaways and food for thought:

  • think about the long term and the long view
  • think about what you will you need when you are 85
  • small investment vehicle might make all the difference
  • how about smoothing when you work – working in different phases
  • building a rich picture of what you think your life might be and what you might need and then work backwards

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