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How can you do more with your money?

Coming soon - This SmartPurse course helps women to learn the key things to do to break the ice to start investing so that they can grow their money, be financially independent and secure their future.

Are you struggling to handle job, family, household, friends and much more - all at the same time? And does your day just not have enough hours to think about you, your dreams and your future?

We totally understand that in all these daily challenges - which seem never to end -  you simply don't have the time to think about your future. Not to mention, to think about how you could make more out of your 'hard earned money' to secure your future and achieve your goals.

But life is unpredictable and it has many surprises, good and bad once, waiting for us. So thinking about your future, what you would like to achieve and where you see yourself in a few years is essential to control your life. Don't let someone else or your busy daily living taking over your personal life-steering wheel.

It is your right...

Sometimes we 'Women' belief it's not our right or we shouldn't question things... but we would like to convince you that it is your right to form and shape your own future. And money is an important asset to be able to live the life you'd like to have. So we know how difficult it is to get started and breaking the ice, but what we know is it feels great and powerful achieving the point where you are MASTER of your financial situation. 

Does your day maybe look similar to this?

In the morning, making sure the kids are ready for school or child care, running to work to an important meeting, giving your best to satisfy your boss, colleague and client. In the evening (only if there was no emergency with the kids in the meantime) you're doing groceries on the way back home, cooking dinner, doing homework with your kids and finalizing some urgent office work too.... bringing kids to bed, cleaning up and then finally having a few minutes with your partner before falling a sleep. 

We totally understand you! Believe us - you're not alone!

What are the benefits. What will you get from this course.

  • gain clarity over your goals and what you'd like to achieve in the future
  • understand your current financial situation and how you can make more out of it
  • evaluate your right amount to get started with investing
  • define and set your targets and habits 
  • you feel confident to take action and measure your progress

How will the course look like

Day & Chapter 1: Gain clarity about your life goals, dreams and your motivation to achieve them

You might not see how thinking about your hopes and dreams could be connected to your financial fitness, but if you can turn your dreams into plans, you’re much more likely to make them happen. 

You'll learn in the course: 

  • how your core values will help you formulating your objectives
  • define your life goals with the three-step process of awareness, imagination and motivation
  • develop a list of your short-, mid- and long-term goals

Day & Chapter 2: Learn more about you personal money relationship

To achieve your life goals you need to know more than just your destination – you also need to know where you’re starting from. 

You'll learn in the course: 

  • where you stand financially today
  • about your financial satisfaction. Are you happy with your financial situation or do you think you could do better? 
  • evaluate behavioral changes regarding money
  • define new money habits

Day & Chapter 3: Evaluate your personal amount that you can invest

To achieve your life goals it’s important to have tangible targets. You defined already your goals and assessed your current financial situation: the next step is now to set your budget and determine what you can save to achieve your target.

You'll learn in the course: 

  • how much you need on the side for emergencies to feel save
  • how much you can waive for long term
  • define and evaluate your personal investment amount to get started 

Day & Chapter 4: Combine your goals with your financial situation and get started

In this module, we will start planning your finances to fit your goals. 

You'll learn in the course: 

  • to combine your goals with your financial situation
  • to formulate and plan your goals so that it's possible to achieve them
  • select and decide on your key achievements

Materials and resources included in your course are...

  • resources like checklists, worksheets etc. 
  • access to a private group with other students
  • 1-on-1 or group coaching calls
  • direct email access to you
  • daily live calls or webinars
  • course completion certification

My thanks, I have learned a lot in this short time! I really need to do something and manage our money better.


About the speakers

Olga Miler

Olga is a wife and mother of two kids. But she is also a serial entrepreneur and a woman with years of experience in senior management positions at global financial and consulting institutions. So she knows how it feels to juggling your busy daily life.

Olga co-founded and developed an award-winning global female programme at UBS Wealth Management  and the Gender ETF. She is an engaging and inspiring leader and truly passionate about diversity in business, female empowerment and finance.

Désirée Dosch

Désirée has years of experience in the financial industry, comes out of an entrepreneurial family and was growing up in an environment where money was never a taboo topic. But even though, it took her years to get started with investing - the barrier and the unknown was just too scary....

However, today after years of corporate positions and lastly being Head of the Women Segment at a major Swiss bank, she owns her own company. She is an expert in the field of women and money, business strategy and transformation, marketing and communication. Her passion is to help women become more confident to take their life and money into their own hands and to teach and educate corporates on how they can become more attractive to women.

Register for the course

The course will take one week. Starting date will be announced soon.

The course will cost 300 CHF.

If you're not happy with the course until day 2 we'll give you 100% of the money back.