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SmartPurse for Corporates / Networks

Research shows that employers play a key role beyond paying salaries when it comes to their employees' financial confidence/security. Interested in increasing your employees' fnancial health? Get in touch with us.

Become the employer of choice for women

retain your female talent with a bespoke employee benefit: financial health.


Increase productivity

On average, employees spend 13 hrs per month at work worrying about money matters.


Reduce stress

Financial challenges/money matters rated top stress factor in life by 40% of employees.


Build trust

79% trust their employer in giving advice on planning, saving and investing.


Increase satisfaction

86% say improved benefits or access would have a positive impact, resulting in greater job satisfaction and commitment.

Increase financial health of your employees

Are you a Corporate, Network, Non-Profit Organisation or Educational Institution? Work with us and support independent financial information for a self-defined future.

Our offer - Your benefits

1. SmartPurse subscriptions for your employees

Sponsor SmartPurse subscriptions for your employees, clients, network members or students and help them to become financially confident.

2. Get your tailored programme

You have a community which you would like to give access to independent financial information. We can offer tailored programmes for your specific needs.

3. Make a donation and talk about it

There are many women who can’t afford a subscription, but with your help we can give free subscriptions to those women who need it.

Contact us for a bespoke offer for corporates and networks.