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SmartPurse for Financial Professionals

We want to drive change in the financial services industry, mobilise women and use their insights to educate financial professionals. Get in touch if you would like to drive change with us.

We believe that trust and transparency are at the heart of improving women’s experiences with financial institutions.

And as a financial professional, you take the lead on the discussion and implementation of personal finance products and planning.

As part of our work, we've done vast amounts of research with women to identify the changes that can be made to how they interact with money and businesses.

Training course: How to become a trusted financial advisor of choice for women?


Join our interactive training course and learn:

  1. How do women see and manage money differently from men?
  2. What do female clients expect from a financial advisor?
  3. How to create an experience to earn trust and build long term relationships?


I attended the first CA session in London and it was amazing and rare opportunity to hear from experts what women really expect from a financial advisor. Especially valuable was to learn how I can create an experience to earn trust and build long-term relationships with female clients. 


Become a Coach

We are building and training a community of independent coaches that can help other women. To find out more, please contact us.

Stay informed

Every week a new report or article pops up somewhere on women and money. Do you really have the time to read it all? We produce an infographic summary every four months, to create a consolidated picture of the most recent findings.

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