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Money Fundamentals UK

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Learn to plan & invest your money.

Learn how to budget, save strategically, manage your pensions & start your investing journey in just 3 weeks!

What to expect:

  • Join financial expert & SmartPurse co-Founder, Olga Miler, on a journey to financial fluency.
  • 3 weeks of live, instructor-led sessions.
  • Gain practical knowledge to make your money grow.
  • Checklists, calculators & tools to make it all so simple.

What do you need?

  • This is a course for beginners & those who want to focus their money, you need no prior financial knowledge.
  • All you need is a positive attitude, a quiet place to chat with your instructor & peers for an hour or so with a pen & paper if you like to make notes.

In just 3 weeks you'll . . .

  • Implement financial hygiene & great money habits.
  • Build a simple financial plan for you & loved ones.
  • Save time building a budget & useful budgeting tools.
  • Calculate your emergency pot & pension.
  • Know how investing really works & ways to manage risks.
  • Understand the right investment options for you.
  • Know how to calculate investing costs.
  • Compare providers, products & know what good looks like.
  • Be able to invest sustainably.
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What's included?

  • 3 x 1.5 hrs instructor-led live course sessions.
  • Coursebook with all the charts & practical tips you need.
  • 4 easy to use calculators that will make your life easier.
  • An exclusive FAQ group to ask your questions when they crop up.
  • Financial queries email support.
  • Access to the session recordings to re-watch or catch up.
  • A cureated list of SmarPurse approved money experts.

"I can't believe I found an extra £100 per month in my budget and learned how to invest it!

Carina, attended in February 2021
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Course introduction.

From resident instructor & financial expert, Olga Miler.

What's in the course?


Week 1 - Plan.

Learn to take control of your funds.

  • Creating clear & achievable goals;
  • Understanding your financial situation & how to make the most of it;
  • Calculating how much to pop into your retirement fund & how much you can put to work investing;
  • Building an actionable budget & plan;
  • Establishing new money habits to stay on track and in control;
  • How to bring your loved ones on the money confidence journey.

Week 2 - Secure.

Learn about security, risk & investing.

  • How life events impact our finances & preparation techniques for any milestone, rain or shine;
  • Why the fear of investing is unwise;
  • How to manage your risks & alter those risks through the recession;
  • All you need to know about investment instruments such as ETFs, Stocks & Bonds no matter your budget;
  • Overview of providers and how to find the right provider for you.
  • Defining your values (e.g. gender equality & sustainability) and how to invest while maintaining them.

Week 3 - Grow.

Put your learning into practice & make that money grow!

  • How to compare financial products and decide what is right for you.
  • How to calculate what investing costs you and how you can save money along the way.
  • We'll revisit the most common tools to invest and select the right approach for you based on real-life examples and transactions;
  • How to avoid the common mistakes found in real-life practical examples;
  • Discuss if other investments such as real estate, cryptocurrencies, etc. are a good idea for you;
  • Establish how to stay on track, saving you time and money in the process.

About Olga.

Olga is a global innovation expert, with 15 years of experience in financial services. She specializes in financial education, sustainability, and gender-smart investing.

Learn from Olga

How do you feel?

Are you too busy juggling life to think about planning the future? Is it all too confusing to start? Are you worried about the risk of investing? Then this is perfect for you.


A big thank you for this amazing course, your passion, the profound knowledge and all the great tools you shared with us. I‘m really ready to invest now :-)

Nicole, attended in October 2020
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We'll provide:

  • Three online instructor-led group sessions.
  • Coursebook, additional reading & self-learning assignments.
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions to your instructor and your peers. 
  • 1-month access to our Digital Money School so that you can expand your financial knowledge horizons.
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You'll learn:

  • Ways to focus your effort & clean up your finances.
  • How to prepare for life events & secure your future.
  • Budget creation & revision.
  • How to start a retirement pot.
  • How to grow your money through investments - no matter how little you start with.
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What past attendees say.

"My partner is impressed by all the things I learnt. He's been investing for a few years, and there are things I explained to him after the course he didn't know!" Giovanna, attended in November 2020.

"Thanks again for the insights. This financial content grabbed me so much 😊  Now money is fun and things really get rolling thanks to your course." Fabienne, attended in November 2020.

I really wouldn't have thought I'll be able to invest after 2 days without panicking. It's that easy. Olga's examples and simple answers really motivated me and made it clear that this is something that can be done with little money. Time really well spend. 

Katarina, attended in October 2020
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