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Weekly Money Hour - Humor helps!

Dieser Inhalt ist im Moment noch nicht in der gewünschten Sprache verfügbar.

We created the weekly money hour to exchange on topics around money and life in times like these. We welcome women and men of all ages and backgrounds to share their experience and exchange on the topic of money.

It's time for some laugher... :-) After the lonely time in quarantine we thought it's time for some fun.... In this money hour we are honoured to welcome the fringe female comedy duo: Lola & Jo as our special guests.

Lolo & Jo will talk about:

  • how they find humour in the current climate
  • their personal attitude to money as creative workers and business women
  • savings and pension and why they don't have one...
  • how their parents influenced an inspired their lives and financial feelings
  • their personal money advice on how to be braver

Inspiration and optimism guaranteed!

Lola & Jo

Lola & Jo took the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe by storm with their debut character sketch show Focus Groupies – it transferred to London for a sell-out run. In normal times, you can see them at comedy venues around the country or catch them on radio or Channel 4.

You have to stay – keep checking in what you want. Because the pressure to do all of those things is so pervasive. I don’t know where individual choice comes in. It feels quite hard to swim against the tide


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