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Money Rally: money mindset.

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Positive money mindset.

Together with Stylist, we explored positive money attitudes, building healthy money habits, and using your money to create the future you desire.

Money can be a very stressful part of our lives.

Watch Money Rally: money mindset & catch up with how to de-stress your thoughts around money, how to approach your finances calmly with the future in mind & hear from amazing women about their own experiences.

  • Hear from experts in confidence, habit-forming, future planning, and positive mindsets.
  • Learn practical tips for your money in workshop sessions devoted to debt, savings & investing.
  • Explore your digital goodie bag full of useful templates & great products to help you.

Learn from expert guests:

  • Ruby Wax - comedian.
  • Gemma Cairney - Radio host.
  • Dr Leyla Hussain - Psychotherapist & social activist.
  • Emma Sayle - Founder of KKgroup & Sistr.
  • Amanda Thomson - Founder of Thomson & Scott.
  • Christine Luken - Money coach.
  • Catherine Morgan - Money coach.
  • Julie Eddicott - Financial expert.
  • Jenny Moloney - Financial expert.
  • Aaron Eriskin - Financial expert.

What does success have to do with money?

Jude Kelly in conversation with Ruby Wax, Emma Sayle, Amanada Thomson & Gemma Cairney. Co-hosted by Stylist's Jasmin Kopotsha.

Your money mindset.

Olga Miler talks with Dr Leyla Hussein, Gemma Cairney, Catherine Morgan & Christin Luken about forming positive money mindsets and how that can help change your life. Co-hosted by Stylist's Jasmin Kopotsha.

Money workshops.

Practical sessions, hosted by the SmartPurse team, focusing on questions from the audience.

Overcoming your debts.

Join Aaron Eriskin & Elise in answering questions about debt & how to get out of it.


Streamlining your savings.

Join Olga Miler for your savings options & how to make the most of them.


Boosting your investments.

Join Julie Eddicott, Jenny Moloney & Sophie talking all things investment.


What's in your goodie bag.

  • Overcoming debt practical workbook.
  • Streamlining savings practical workbook.
  • Boosting investments practical workbook.
  • Special offers from our guests.
  • A free Money School trial.
  • A sustainable extra.
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