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Detox your money and mindset

Instructors SmartPurse
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Detox your money in 3 weeks, starting anytime, anywhere.

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The perfect financial detox, with educational emails, practical worksheets, and cleansing challenges.

Detox your money

What to expect...

  • Three emails a week covering essential detox topics, from saving money to setting up an ISA
  • Worksheets, templates & challenges to help implement your new learning
  • An exclusive '4 week financial cleanse' challenge to keep your habits strong for years to come

What will you learn?

  • The importance of a positive money mindset
  • How to build a financial plan that suits your needs
  • The difference between saving and 'micro-saving'
  • What options you have for pension planning
  • The essentials to get started with investing
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I had no idea my mind and money were so disjointed, this was an easy course to kick-start my financial education.

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What's in the course?


Week one

  • Discover how your Money Mindset impacts your life (& how to break bad habits)
  • Learn about the psychology of spending, why it can feel so good to waste money, and how to avoid impulsive purchases in the future
  • Establish new money habits with a personalised budget & financial challenges

Week two

  • Learn the basics of Micro-Saving, including helpful tools to get you started
  • Use the financial successes of others to inspire your own personal victories
  • Build sustainable & realistic saving habits

Week three

  • Learn how to build a safety pot and the different tools to help you meet your targets
  • Develop your long-term planning, from your pension fund, to options for advisors
  • Access our 4-week financial cleanse challenge to help implement your new learning

Why SmartPurse?


Money Detox has been designed with financial beginners in mind.

On-the-go learning

Lessons go directly to your inbox, saving you time & money.

Proven results

95% of course participants see increased confidence in 2 weeks.

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Detox your money