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Detox your money and mindset

woman in towel learning on phone

Spring clean your purse in 3 weeks for just 19CHF.

Like your wardrobe, fridge & routine your money needs a good sorting out once in a while too. You'll receive a knowledge-packed email course full of practical worksheets, templates & challenges.

What will you get?

  • Three emails a week covering essential detox topics.
  • Worksheets, templates & challenges to help you implement your learning.
  • An exclusive '4-week Financial Cleanse' to keep your new habits strong.

Are you ready?

  • Give every activity your best shot. Don't assume something 'wouldn't work for you' - you might be surprised!
  • Think of us as a personal trainer - we'll give you the exercises, but you have to put the work in to see the results. 

In just 3 weeks you’ll:

🧘‍♀️ Create a positive money mindset.

✅ Develop a budget to suit you.

👍 Stop your bad money habits & start good ones.

💾 Learn to micro-save.

☔ Set up your ‘rainy day’ pot.

🍯 Understand your pension options.

🤖 Know the difference between human & robo-advisors.

💸  Be ready to invest.

A fantastic course for women like me who are starting to take control of their finances.


What's in the course?


Week one - 3 emails.

All about changing your mindset towards money & establishing healthy money habits.

  • Discover your Money Mindset: your personal beliefs & attitudes surrounding money.
  • Learn how to begin your new, fully detoxed budget. 
  • Discover the psychology of spending, why it can feel so good to waste money, and how not to! 
  • Establish new money habits with a personalised budget & challenges.

Week two - 3 emails.

We'll look into longer-term exercises you can practice to keep your money in tip-top shape.

  • Learn the basics of Micro-Saving, including helpful tools to get you started!
  • Use the financial successes of others to inspire your own personal victories.
  • Build sustainable & realistic spending habits.

Week three - 3 emails.

We'll prepare you for the year ahead! You'll have all the information, challenges & resources to continue your journey to financial confidence.

  • Learn how to build a safety pot & the tools you can use to keep that money growing until you need it.
  • Develop your long-term planning, including your pensions & ideas for what to do with your money next.
  • Access to a month-long financial cleanse to help you implement everything you've learnt through this course. 

Bonus content.

Not only will you get 9 emails bursting with practical knowledge, you’ll also receive a FREE financial cleanse worksheet.

Valued at 14.99, our financial cleanse worksheet arrives at the end of your 3-week Money Detox - giving you 2 months of practical tips for the price of one!

There's no better time to start your journey to money clarity & confidence than right now.

What previous attendees have said.

Loved it. I learnt so much, even though I thought I knew a lot!

- Sophie

Super interesting - looking forward to learning more.

- Toni

Had no idea my mind and money were so disjointed, this was an easy course to kick-start my financial education.

- Helena

Super simple course. Loved that it came to my inbox and could read on the go, I'll be signing up for more.

- Rosa

Sign up today & start learning.

  • woman in towel learning on phone

    Detox your money.

    A great way to get you into the right money mindset. Through our 9 email courses, we’ll help you untangle your finances, get a grip on the basics & give you a clean slate to plan from.

    Whether you’ve never sorted out your money before, or it’s time for a spring clean, detoxing your finances has never been easier.

    Enrolment includes one month access to the SmartPurse Digital Money School.