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Weekly Money Hour - How To Teach Your Kids About Money

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We created the weekly money hour to exchange on topics around money and life in times like these. We welcome women and men of all ages and backgrounds to share their experience and exchange on the topic of money.

This weekly money hour is for all parents out there... Did you know that money habits are largely shaped by age 7? Listen to our inspiring guest speaker Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, who with 'A Smart Way to Start', made financial education for kids her mission. 

Mara will talk about:

  • her personal story leading her to the mission of writing money books for children
  • why it is important to make money moments visible to children
  • how to engage children in conversations around money
  • how to enable children to earn money
  • how to encourage good saving habits 
  • why creating opportunities to negotiate is especially important for girls 

Dr. Mara C. Harvey

Mara made financial education for kids her mission. 
A Smart Way To Start is a book series written all in rhymes and accompanied by gorgeous watercolour illustrations. They help busy parents to educate their children on money and values from an early age, to give them a head-start in life and prepare them for their financial future.

Make money habit a good habit - like brushing the teeth. Lots of repetition and make it fun!

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

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