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A complete toolkit packed with all the information, instruction and motivation you need to take control of your financial life.

SmartPurse is empowering women from all over the world to build each other up and reach new heights of financial independence.

Come and join the movement.

Our core concepts


We'll give you all the toolsinformation, and guidance you need to design your own future and live the kind of stressfreeindependent finan-cial life you deserve.


Say goodbye to hours spent poring over boring data, and say hello to practical, common-sense strategies you can start implementing from the very first day.


Nobody said you have to do it alone, which is why SmartPurse connects you to a global network of like-minded women to support you every step of the way.

Being financially savvy is a cornerstone to empowerment and self-confidence for women. I'm thrilled to see SmartPurse help more women achieve it. 


Money made easy

The world of financial advice is full of white noise

And if you're anything like us, you're getting sick of the way it sounds.

Designed to help you cut through the confusion and take matters into your own hands, SmartPurse a unique financial toolkit created by women, for women.

We don't tell you what to think. We just give you all the tools, information, and training you need to make informed, financially sound choices.

Nobody understands your life like you do. So why should anybody else tell you how to live it?

How does SmartPurse work?

#1: See where you stand today

To get to where you're going, you need to understand where you're starting from. Your SmartPurse experiencestarts with a survey to figure out where you stand

#2: Start learning at your own pace

With access to more than 70 intuitive learning modules, the knowledge you'll acquire with our toolkit will give you the confidence you need to take control of your future.

#3: Connect with an expert mentor

A little expert guidance goes a long way. We'll help you link up with a trusted mentor who can help you flatten the learning curve and put your money to work right away.

About us

We're Jude and Olga. It's nice to meet you.

With decades of experience between us in finance and women's empowerment, we joined forces to create a new way for women to make their voices heard in the world of money. We're committed to changing the financial services industry to serve women better, and we're passionate about creating a global movement that celebrates, empowers, and listens to women and girls.

We're building SmartPurse to give women everywhere the confidence, know-how, and specific skills they need to build the kinds of independent, fulfilling financial lives they deserve.

There's no reason every single person on Earth can't understand money and feel good about the choices they follow, and making that dream a reality is our mission.

Join the SmartPurse movement for free today

  • dive into your toolkit and start exploring the dozens of learning modules at your fingertips
  • practice what you've learned with interactive quizzes, games, and checklists
  • track your progress and smash through the goals you set yourself
  • receive a practical Money Tip every two weeks that you can immediately put to work

The financial life of your dreams is right around the corner. Take the first step today and get ready for everything to change

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