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We've got this.

Your money coaching and learning toolbox.

Building your financial independence & confidence.

Revolutionise the way you discuss & plan your money.

We’re a unique money coaching and learning toolbox, inspiring women everywhere to build financial independence.

Together with a vibrant community of likeminded individuals and money coaches who understand women's lives, you‘ll take control of your financial future.

What's in the toolbox?


You can never learn too early or too late how to be financially independent. Our knowledge is for all.


We’ll help you form a network of likeminded women to guide and support each other; virtually or in person.


A little expert guidance goes a long way. Link up with a mentor who can help put your money to work right away.

Being financially savvy is a cornerstone to empowerment and self-confidence for women. I'm thrilled to see SmartPurse help more women achieve it. 


Money Hour is back!

Live sessions where we talk money with fantastic guests, who share their personal experiences, triumphs and failures.

On Tuesday 6th October our co-founder, Jude Kelly will be joined by Kathy Lette, international author, philanthropist, and ambassador.

Become a smartpurse member.

Take advantage of our premium interactive money tools, giving you a personalised plan to make sure you are set up for the life you want. 

  • Save time & money with our simple learning path.
  • Have fun meeting & learning from your peers, as well as our fantastic thought leaders.
  • Feel comfortable with your money. 
  • Define your life goals & achievements.
  • Establish money growing habits.


Become the financially independent woman you should be today!