Take a shortcut to health, happiness and independence with your money.

Our checklists, templates and personal guidance simplify how to invest and help women to get fit with money.

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We are Jude and Olga. Our mission is to help women have the confidence
to talk, understand and feel good about money.

Money impacts your health and life

60% of adults are stressed about their financial situation.

On average employees spend 13 hours every month at work worrying about money. Find out how you can boost financial health as an employer.


of women we spoke to feel they could do more with their money.

Being confident with money provides freedom, protection and new choices. 

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SmartPurse – how it works

Imagine fitbit or weightwatchers for money. That‘s what we are building with SmartPurse. You can

  • Assess your financial health
  • Learn all you need in one place
  • Connect to a community of like minded people
  • Coach find a person you can trust

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Checklists, guides, quizzes and tools. Find everything you need to get smart with money.

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We know that women like to share stories, exchange ideas and find solutions together. So we are organizing meet-ups, events, and courses. 

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Why SmartPurse?

Confidence with money can bring you independence, protection, access to new opportunities and peace of mind – and can help you make a difference in the world. With SmartPurse, women and girls learn the essentials in the most time-efficient and practical way. With no strings attached.

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We know that finding a person to trust to give you advice about your money is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why we are creating a “dating” service.

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Common questions

We collected questions from hundreds of women. Here are some of them.