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NEWS: SmartPurse Launch in Switzerland

SmartPurse & Watson partner up to launch at the WEF in Davos.

Why do we need a blog on 'women & money'?

Women have been excluded from financial discussions for centuries. Only 43 years ago, married women in Switzerland still needed their husband's permission to pursue a career or open their own bank account. Even now, many of us simply don't feel comfortable or lack the self-confidence to talk about or handle money.  A whopping 61% of married women still leave long-term financial decisions to their husbands. 

Watson and SmartPurse have therefore decided to tackle this together and establish the first nationwide initiative for financial education for women - starting on January 27th.

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About us

Can we introduce ourselves? We are Jude and Olga.

Between us, we have a background in finance and women's empowerment. We and our fantastic team are building SmartPurse to give everyone the opportunity to gain the confidence to talk, understand and feel good about money.

What people say

Being financially savvy is a cornerstone to empowerment and self-confidence for women. I'm thrilled to see SmartPurse help more women achieve it.