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Get a grip on your money.

Join thousands of women improving their money confidence.

I have finally taken my finances into my own hands and am finding more and more pleasure in shaping my future with it.


Invest in yourself!

Check out our upcoming courses to grow your independence & confidence with practical financial knowledge:

  • 26th April - Spring clean your money with our 3-week email course, Detox your money.
  • 11th May - Learn the basics with Money Fundamentals. Covering budgeting, saving, pensions and investment 101.
  • 2nd June - Discover the money struggles that trans people face with our Transgender Money seminar.

The FREE 6 simple steps to reach your goals.

In less than 10 minutes with our checklist, you'll define your goals & reach them faster!

Success stories.

Find out more about the amazing women who have changed their lives, in small and big ways, with the help of SmartPurse's practical financial knowledge & become another success story.

Women respond.

Do women relate to money differently than men?

Improving your money confidence.

How can SmartPurse help?

On-the-go learning.

Fit money education into your busy lifestyle with our Money School.

You'll benefit from access to 58 self-learn lessons, checklists, calculators, discounts on courses, events, and so much more!

Try our first 8 lessons for FREE.

Expert-led courses.

Accelerate your knowledge with our live money sessions.

Whether you're a financial beginner, intermediate or expert, our courses are designed to help you build your financial confidence & freedom.

Course prices start at £15.

9 out of 10 women take control of their money in only a few weeks.

What women are learning.

Modern banking?

What do Klarna, Uber, and Shopify all have in common? They're all taking advantage of embedded banking. So how will this impact your money?

Money Detox.

Spring clean your money with our 3-week email course. Like your wardrobe, fridge & routine your money needs a good sorting out once in a while too.

Money Rally.

Our Money Rally: money mindset event will teach you to create positive money attitudes, build healthy habits & use money to better your future.

Help women who have suffered financial abuse.

For every Money School enrollment, we give 10 women who have suffered financial abuse free enrollment through our charity partner, SafeLives.

Why we started SmartPurse.

We're Jude Kelly & Olga Miler. Over the past 10 years, we have built one of the largest global communities of women and have transformed many financial services companies.

After talking to thousands of women, we learned that there is no safe and welcoming space for women to discuss the money questions impacting their lives and to get practical help. 

So we created SmartPurse, inspiring you to get a grip on your money.

We are an independent money coaching & learning toolbox committed to advancing gender equality and sustainability.

No hidden fees, no advertising, no spamming. That's a promise.

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