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Empower your workforce.

Financially happy, healthy & confident employees are productive employees.

Why should I worry about the financial health of my colleagues?

On average, employees spend 13 hours per month at work, worrying about money matters. That's 13 hours of productivity you lose.

40% of employees rate financial challenges as a top stress factor in life. If your employees worry about money, how can they be in the right mindset to do their best work for you?

79% trust their employer in giving advice on planning, saving and investing. Retaining top talent can feel like a losing battle - even the playing field by increasing their trust.

Try us for free & see what your female talent thinks.

Our financial education webinar series is a great way to whet your employee's appetite and ensure you're providing a perk they want - and they do!

Our three-session long webinar series gives you and your female employees an excellent foundation for the key issues women face when dealing with their finances.

We could not have wished for more!

Sophie, Professional Services Organisation

Why SmartPurse?




Employers who retain their top talent have to offer so much more than just a salary. With plenty of perks being made available to staff, is there a need for another one? Yes.

Priceless benefit.

Knowing the people you work for care about your future is priceless, builds employee loyalty and makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Save costs.

With financial health and freedom, your employees will no doubt have fewer stresses giving them more brain space to concentrate on work.

Businesses are already offering smartpurse.

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