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How to learn with us.

Money courses taking you from beginner to expert.

Build knowledge.

94% of women attending our courses say they're finally confident with their finances after getting a grip on their money.

Grow confidence.

6 out of 10 women's confidence in every part of their lives has increased because of financial education.

From novice to money pro.

Whether you've never learnt about money or know your way around, we've created learning paths for all levels of financial knowledge.


Not sure you know enough about your money to budget, save & invest?

Start with our money fundamentals course. From budgeting to investing to savings to pensions, we'll show you how to get a grip on your money step by step.

Want to dip your toes in slowly? Check out our Money school.

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Have you already started taking control, but want to know more?

Our deep dive sessions will deliver knowledge on specific topics from sorting your pension & negotiating pay to sustainable investing & intergenerational wealth.

Explore your next topic with our Money school.

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Your finances are sorted but you're looking for advanced knowledge?

In our masterclasses, run by inspiring experts, we cover specific topics like angel investing, crypto, trading, intergenerational wealth and more. 

Refresh your financial knowledge with our Money school.

Expand your knowledge

I had absolutely no idea about money. I felt almost ashamed. Your course gave me the courage to ask all the questions and to change my financial situation. 

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Your learning options.

Everyone learns differently. Choose what fits your life best & we'll take you from basics to the master of your money.

Learn at your own pace.

Our interactive money school makes learning about money easy, we take you through it step-by-step. We've also created fun exercises, handy checklists, useful calculators & planning materials to keep you motivated.

Start your money learning habit for only 5 mins a day, wherever you are.

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Take an expert-led course.

Expert-led live & on-demand courses help you to focus your effort and achieve tangible financial results in no time.

Whether you're a novice or expert, there is always more to learn about your finances. Meet people just like you in our live classes and learn from their experiences, or take our on-demand courses at the right time for you.

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Trustworthy, competent, motivating, inspiring and objective. 

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Advice from real women.

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