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Achieve your goals with the help of a trusted expert.

How can an expert help?

An expert can help you work through your money goals and prepare a plan of action to get there. They'll also help you:

  • Achieve your goals and stay focused.
  • Get guidance and answers to your questions.
  • Save time and money.

You can download our 'Finding a Financial expert' checklist to help you define what you need and how to make sure you're choosing the right person for you.

Trusted by us.

We have personally vetted all our experts.

1. Define.

Know what you'd like financial help for, it can be vague or very specific.

2. Match.

Use our filter tool to find all the experts who can help you.

3. Meet.

Contact your chosen expert(s) for an introduction - no strings attached.

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Meet Christine.

Last year we interviewed Christine, a SmartPurse money expert. Discover more about her & her work by watching the interview.

Become an expert.

Could provide stellar financial coaching & advice? Discover how we approve our experts.

Meet Jarrath.

Last year we interviewed one of our SmartPurse money experts, Jarreth. Find out a bit more about him, his work and how he could help you.

How do we find the financial experts for our list?

All financial experts on our website share the commitment and passion to provide empathic & quality financial advice.

Every expert has:

  • Participated in an application process.
  • Provided proof of qualification.
  • Taken part in a personal discussion.