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South African (becoming Swiss)
Civil status
Passionate about
My family
Sports and fitness
City, Country
Zurich, CH
Ilana Jankowitz
I'm your right coach/adviser because
I'm based in Zurich, Switzerland and I'm a certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner. I'm a happily married mum of two young adult children, who are now both pursuing their life’s passions.

I'm the founder of Mindful Money Coaching, specializing in helping women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype. I believe we don’t have business problems, but rather personal money issues that show up in our business or work.

I utilise many fascinating tools and exercises in my coaching. Each one is designed to support my clients with the inner work required to understand how their money stories were created. With this newfound knowledge they’re able to heal and transform their stories, and bring abundance, clarity and joy into their lives and work.

Having undergone my own money coaching transformation, I'm a coach that really walks the talk in every way. I'm extremely passionate about my work and my clients, and I love going above and beyond in supporting their ongoing transformation.
I can support you in the following:
Money DNA: Transforming your Money Reality
Goal Setting: Planning your goals for the next 3 years
General advice, e.g. review of a personal situation
Creating Abundance: By understanding Money Blocks
Vision Boards: Creating a vision for your future
Financial knowhow required
Beginner with some financial literacy experience
Advanced financial literacy
I can interact with you
Skills & Qualifications
Company name Mindful Money Coaching
Function / Role Owner and Founder
Place of work Independent professional
Years of experience 10 - 20 years
Certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner
Regulatory (FCA) Authorized: No
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