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Take charge of your future

Here's the motivation and practical knowledge you need to be confident with money.  

I have finally taken my finances into my own hands and am finding more and more pleasure in shaping my future with it. 

Katrin, attended Money Fundamentals 2020

Learn to invest sustainably

Learn how to grow your money and save the planet with as little as £5. 

Detox your money and mindset

We’ll help you untangle your finances, get a grip on the basics and give you a clean slate.

Learn to invest with confidence

build a budget, save, manage your pension, and start your investing journey.

Get a grip on your money.

Living for today, or saving for tomorrow?

Join Sandra Pollock & Olga Miler introducing financial fundamentals to inspire you.

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10 days - 10 terms challenge

Would you like to learn the 10 most important financial terms in a fun way? Then sign up for our challenge!

Give it 2mins every day for 10 days. That’s all.

Olga showed me that investing is really not difficult, even with small amounts. She took away the fear and encouraged me to start.


Help women who have suffered financial abuse.

For every Money School enrollment, we give 10 women who have suffered financial abuse free enrollment through our charity partner, SafeLives.

What is SmartPurse?

We are an independent money learning and coaching toolbox that inspires women to make a difference with their money.

Money School.

With our online money school built together with real women, you'll learn step-by-step at you own convenience. Independent, time-saving and practical.


Live Courses.

Make a focused effort in a live instructor-led course. Together with like-minded women it's easy and lots of fun!



Find carefully selected, trusted experts who can help with personal life and money questions.


Take charge of your future today.
Starting from CHF 0.- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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