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Money School.

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Be your own money expert.

Whether you're a money novice or financial whizz, stop putting off finding your financial confidence. Learning about money is no longer boring, time-consuming, or confusing!

Created by women, for women, our unique Money School is the simple-to-use, fun, one-stop-shop knowledge toolkit you need to get a grip on your money.

What's in Money School?

👩‍🏫   80+ bitesize lessons, with new ones added all the time.

💸   Learn to invest & do it sustainably.

💰   Practical advice on pensions, money habits & negotiation.

✅   Easy to use checklists, calculators, quizzes & tools.

🤔   FAQ's, glossary of terms & ways to ask us your questions.

🤓   Learn with videos, podcasts, recorded webinars & articles.

Why is Money School unique?

It brings together all the money subjects you would spend days searching for.
Learning is based on questions asked by thousands of women. 
It will NEVER include advertising, product pitches, or jargon.

I have been looking for something exactly like this for some time. It's not easy to find honest financial education in the online jungle, and finally, I have. I will recommend you everywhere.

Lia Nicole

How does Money School work?

Personalise your learning experience.

Customise your Money School to fit your needs & schedule. Have a specific question? Then select a topic. Want to brush up on your money knowledge? Then learn step-by-step in just 5 minutes a day. 

Track your progress & test your knowledge.

See where you left Money School journey & easily start at the next lesson. Test how your financial confidence improves with our financial health check, and your knowledge with our quizzes. 

Fab checklists.

Want to know how to build a financial plan in a few simple steps? How much you need to save today for retirement? Or What to look for in a sustainable financial product? Complete your goals with easy checklists guiding you step-by-step.

Fun quizzes.

Money doesn't have to be a confusing and downright dull chore. Test your knowledge and broaden your horizon with amazing (and often surprising) statistics relevant to women's financial lives, and test your knowledge with our quizzes.

Great calculators.

Build a budget in no time. Keep track of the money you have & where you have it. Compare fees from different providers. Our custom-made, easy to use calculators are built based on questions from women & cover topics you can't find answers for anywhere else.

Finally I have taken my finances in hand and I am increasingly enjoying shaping my future.


Your Money School curriculum.

Sneak peeks into some of the lessons included in each module.


Your Money Mindset.

12 lessons covering:

  • Bad money habits & how to destroy them.
  • What is financial health? And how to gauge yours.
  • How to talk money & get what you deserve.

Planning your money.

12 lessons covering:

  • Are you earning your worth?
  • Can you turn your dream life into reality?
  • Planning money for anything life throws at you.

Budgets & savings.

8 lessons covering:

  • What are you wasting money on?
  • Do you have a safety net & how much do you need?
  • Designing a budget that suits you.


20 lessons covering:

  • How to make your money grow & set up an investment portfolio.
  • Do I need a lot of money before I can start investing?
  • Learn the difference between ETFs, Robo-advisors & other ways to invest your money.


4 lessons covering:

  • How much will I need to survive retirement?
  • What are my retirement options?
  • When do I need to start saving for my retirement?

Measuring your impact.

4 lessons covering:

  • What is sustainable or impact investing?
  • Does your money have a moral value?
  • Create a strategy to make your money matter.

Recessions & crashes.

8 lessons covering:

  • What is a recession?
  • Can I save money during a recession?
  • Can I afford to buy a house / get a divorce / start a family during a recession?
  • woman learning

    Money School.

    80+ self-paced, bite-sized lessons covering financial health, investing, pensions, sustainability, life planning . . . everything you need to take you from money novice to money expert.

    Learning about money has never been more fun with our quizzes, calculators & checklists.

    Enrolment includes 12 months access to the SmartPurse Digital Money School.