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Can you afford not to talk about money?

Talking about money can be difficult. To help you get started we collected 64 thought-starting questions.

Money is a funny thing. The old saying tells us that it can’t buy happiness, but when we’re looking at a stack of bills, holidays we want to plan and what feels like an empty bank account, it’s hard to agree.

Money undeniably causes stress. It contributes to a large chunk of arguments in relationships. And despite its prevalence in our lives, it’s difficult for many people to speak comfortably about it. More than half of the adults in Britain still deem money a taboo subject, with over 28 million saying they would be more confident talking about sex, religion or politics instead. 32% of Brits find talking about money stressful and 43% said it was embarrassing.

Lloyds Bank, cited in Good Housekeeping Institute, How to talk about your finances, written by Kalpana Fitzpatrick, 07.03.2019

Money conversation cards

Our thought starter cards have been designed to help you to find the right question to have a money conversation on any occasion. They contain 64 carefully selected questions, displayed on beautiful cards. Use them as inspiration to talk about money with others or as an interactive tool for events.

You can order a printed set of 'Money Conversation Cards' for £10