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Why you don't need to be afraid of investing.

Our 15 minute webinar is aimed at encouraging more women to take the plunge – but really, the facts apply to anyone who might be too scared to start.

Why do many women find it so hard to take care of their own finances?

Many women do nothing with their money because they are afraid to make mistakes. However, the biggest mistake is actually doing nothing and holding your money only on a saving account. 

3x more women than men, DO NOT care about their investments.

Why should you listen in

In these 15 minutes we'll cover the following topics...

  • why women are concerned about investing
  • life challenges women face
  • why women are (statistically) the better investors 
  • how financially confident women will change the world
  • understanding the stock market and it's past performance
  • 5 key tips to consider when starting investing

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