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Master the money talk and get what you deserve.

Talk about money with confidence.


Master the money talk with your employer, friends, partner and your children with this 4 self-learning module guide full of actionable tips & interactive exercises.

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Money Conversation Cards.

Never run out of ideas to discuss money in a confident way.

These 64 conversation cards provide questions to ask for every occasion and will guide you to have a productive money talk with no regrets. Available in PDF or print.

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Hesitant to talk about money? - You are not alone!

It's still taboo subject. In the UK, 32% of adults say that they find talking about money to be stressful, and 43% said that it was embarrassing. Most people feel more confident talking about sex, religion or politics instead of a money talk.

*Lloyds Bank,, March 2019

Being able to talk about money with confidence has many benefits.

  1. Feel more positive about your financial situation - 64% of Brits confirmed this.
  2. Avoid conflict with your partner and unpleasant surprises.
  3. Get transparency on what you deserve, especially in your workplace.
  4. Learn from others, e.g. what mistakes to avoid, what tools really work, who they get money advice from.
  5. Help children to develop a good relationship with money.

How to talk money with your employer.

1. Set your mind to it and have a goal.

It's neither embarrassing nor awkward to ask for money. Once you have defined the goal you want to achieve, it's much easier to have the conversation and succeed.


2. Know your facts & figures.

Do some research to understand your remuneration package. How does your research compare to your expectations, others in your industry, and your career goals? On any salary comparison tool, always do the calculation as a man and a woman. Having your facts at hand will help you to avoid any guess making.

3. Know your achievements.

Before the talk, be clear about what you have contributed to your employer. Do you tend to exceed expectations? Do you have skills that are hard to find? Do you contribute beyond the duties in your job description? Have you received offers from competitors? All these things can help you in the conversation.

4. Practice and then just ask.

Practising the conversation with a friend or colleague will help you to reduce anxiety and you might even find better ways to formulate your ask. And then? Just have the talk and ask for what you deserve.