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The SmartPurse Money School App - Financial confidence in your pocket

For money novices and financial whizzes alike, our approach to financial wellness and money mindset inspires you to spend, save, and invest wisely, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to do so. 

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Break up with complicated

Research shows that women remain on the sidelines when it comes to long-term financial planning and wellness. Only 1 in 10 women have a happy relationship with money, with 6 out of 10 women calling it 'complicated'.

At SmartPurse, we're changing the conversation with Money School - bitesize education that helps you to approach money with confidence. We're building money relationships worthy of rom-coms, and it starts with building knowledge.

56% of married women

leave vital financial planning to their husbands.

Only 23% of women

take the lead in making long-term financial planning decisions.

60% of young women

worry about their money and finances at least once a week.

Experience love at first sight & start building a happy relationship with money today.

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Your new 10-minute money habit

Money school is for you if...

✅ You're short on time but big on goals and eager to get started

✅ You want peace of mind with reduced stress and anxiety

✅ You're ready to secure your financial future

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Finally I have taken my finances in hand and I am increasingly enjoying shaping my future!


Build confidence on the go

With lessons covering mindset, setting your goals, budgets, savings, investment, pensions, sustainability & managing your money in line with your values, Money School holds your hand on the journey to financial success. 

Kick off your journey with a financial health check - an exclusive assessment that helps you understand where you are now and helps you gain clarity on the next steps. From there, track your progress, complete modules in under 10 minutes, and download resources that help you to take immediate action - all in life's spare moments.

I want financial freedom

What you get with a premium subscription...

👩‍🏫 12 months access to our growing content library, with 70+ bitesize lessons

💸 Learn to invest, with sustainability and gender equality at the forefront 

💰 Practical advice on pensions, money habits & negotiation

🤓 Easy to use checklists & calculators

🤔 FAQ’s, glossary of terms and opportunities to ask experts your questions

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I have been looking for something exactly like this for some time. It's not easy to find honest financial education in the online jungle, and finally, I have. I will recommend you everywhere. 

Lia Nicole

Your money school curriculum


Your money mindset

  • Tradition & your money mindset
  • What can your money do for you?
  • How to talk money

Planning your money

  • What you want in life & how to make it happen
  • The first steps to financial success
  • Planning money for anything life throws at you

Budgets & savings

  • Savings, targets, & budgets - oh my!
  • Do you have a safety net?


  • Financial Services (FS) providers 101
  • What is investing?
  • How do I start investing?
  • Essential investment tools
  • Do I need to use a financial advisor?


  • Pensions 101
  • How does your pension work?
  • How can you turn your pension 'green'?


  • Can your money change the world?

Recessions & crashes

  • What is a recession?
  • Preparing for a recession

BONUS: Useful tools

  • Checklists & calculators
  • Tools to help your learning

Fed up of burying your head in the sane when it comes to your finances?

Ready to secure your future, making your money work for you?

Preparing for a major life event and want to make sure you're financially ready?

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