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What are your life goals?

Published on October 14, 2019
Read time
16 minutes

This is a 15 minute webinar providing you a tangible step-by-step approach on how you can turn your dreams into plans and finally, how to connect them to your financials.

You might not see how thinking about your hopes and dreams could be connected to your financial fitness, but if you can turn your dreams into plans, you’re much more likely to make them happen. And once you start turning your plans into specific, well defined goals it’s much easier to connect them to your financial plans. 

A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot

Joe Vitale

Why should you listen in

In our webinar we will provide you with a tangible process that can help you to set realistic, challenging but achievable goals. 

We'll run you through the three phases...

  • Awareness - Where do I stand today?
  • Motivation - What brings me there?
  • Imagination - Where would I like to be?
  • plus we'll share with you a tangible and easy checklist on money habits you should be using

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