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Share stories, exchange ideas and find solutions together.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and supporting each other. That’s why we’ve put together a programme of regular events, meet-ups, speeches and webinars.

Simply apply the filters below to find the right events for you.

  • Free Intro Session: Geldgrundlagen-Kurs

    Erfahre alles über unseren 3-wöchigen Finanz-Kurs, der dir zeigt, warum Investieren & Vorsorgen keine Hexerei ist...

  • Nachhaltig Anlegen mit kleinen Beträgen

    Möglichkeiten und die besten Tools!
    Workshop für ETH Alumni. Anmeldung offen.

  • How to become a trusted financial advisor of choice for women?

    For financial professionals who wish to strengthen their strategy and customer experience for female clients.

  • Woman sitting at desk

    Monthly Money Q&A for members

    Your money questions answered live by experts.

  • So einfach kann Investieren sein

    Workshop an der Frauentagung 2020 der Frauenzentrale Zürich.

  • People networking

    Global Tech Summit Lausanne

    Olga will moderate the plenary session at the global tech summit in Lausanne.

  • SmartPurse-MoneyRally-Women-in-2020

    Money Rally: money madness.

    2020 has been crazy so far. Health, politics, money . . . it’s often felt out of control. SmartPurse is hosting our fir...

  • Woman sitting at desk

    Monthly Money Q&A for members

    Your money questions answered live by experts.

Your own event?

Money is a fascinating subject - and believe it or not, it can be very entertaining too!

Would you like to organise an inspiring event for your workforce or network? Are you looking for a different speaker for your conference?

Having inspired hundreds of people to look at money differently, we are very happy to help. 


Thank you for an inspiring and passionate presentation Olga, your words had a great impact.


FREE Webinar Replays

Learn about money in an easy way and when and how your time permits - in the evening on the couch or while commuting to work. In our free webinars, which take between 15 minute and 1 hour, we cover different topics around money and investing. You will always receive tangible ideas, suggestions and tips from our experts. Sit back and listen.

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