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Share stories, exchange ideas and find solutions together.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and supporting each other. That’s why we’ve put together a programme of regular events, meet-ups, speeches and webinars.

Simply apply the filters below to find the right events for you.

  • Woman with graduation hat on

    Workshop - Studentin, Unternehmerin, Mutter, Single, Rentnerin.. Welchen Einfluss haben Lebensabschnitte auf die Finanzen?

    Viele dieser Ereignisse können uns viel Geld kosten - daher ist die Planung und Vorbereitung erforderlich.

  • Women in sustainable finance

    Women in Sustainable Finance

    Our Co-Founder, Olga Miler will speak about why and how financial education is the key to accelerate sustainable inve...

  • WOW Women of the World Festival

    WOW Festival: Your Money or Your Life: Personal Finance

    Olga Miler will be speaking at the Women of the World festival about how women can make the most of their money.

  • Woman smiling with laptop

    Why you don't need to be afraid of investing

    Why do so many women find it so difficult to take their finances into their own hands? This 15-minute webinar will show yo...

  • Workshop - Warum man vor der Geldanlage keine Angst haben muss

    3x mehr Frauen als Männer kümmern sich nicht um ihre Geldanlage und mehr als die Hälfte der Frauen übertragen langfristige Fina...

  • Watch Replay from 14/10/2019 – What are your goals in life?

    In this webinar, we share simple, achievable tips on how to make the right financial preparations to achieve your goals.

  • Watch Replay from 16/09/2019 – What to do with my money?

    This webinar will help you build the confidence to make plans for your money. 

  • Woman's hand writing in notepad

    Watch Replay from 13/01/20 - What investment products are there and which one is right for me?

    This webinar will give you a good start on how to find the info you’ll need to make investment decisions.

Your own event?

Money is a fascinating subject - and believe it or not, it can be very entertaining too!

Would you like to organise an inspiring event for your workforce or network? Are you looking for a different speaker for your conference?

Having inspired hundreds of people to look at money differently, we are very happy to help. 


Thank you for an inspiring and passionate presentation Olga, your words had a great impact.


Event Impressions from our Private Launch 12 June 2019

Highlights from our Financial Advisor Session