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German and Swiss
Civil status
Passionate about
My family
The planet and making a difference
City, Country
Bern, CH
Stephanie - SmartPurse Expert
I'm your right coach/adviser because
I have gained experience in the financial sector over many years and was always very interested in the person behind the figures. Therefore, I would like to support especially women in building up their pension savings and to avoid or fill gaps in it.
For this purpose, I offer pension analyses and pension planning. These include a risk check 'what if?' in the pension analysis and the pension planning helps to answer questions such as 'can I afford to retire early?', 'do I draw a pension or would I rather draw the capital from the pension fund?'
I can support you in the following:
Advice on house purchase and mortgages
Tax planning
Help with retirement planning
Help with a loan / debt
General advice, e.g. review of a personal situation
Estate Planning (e.g. Inheritance, Legacy)
Financial knowhow required
Beginner with some financial literacy experience
Advanced financial literacy
I can interact with you
Face to face
Skills & Qualifications
Company name Invethos AG
Function / Role Taxes and financial planning
Place of work Representative of a smaller organisation e.g. boutique bank
Years of experience 10 - 20 years
Finanzplanerin mit eidg. FA
Regulatory (FCA) Authorized: Yes
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