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Teach your kids good money habits.

Prepare for one of the biggest adventures in life.


What money habits should I teach my kids?

Did you know that money habits are largely shaped by age 7? Listen to our inspiring guest speaker Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, who with 'A Smart Way to Start', made financial education for kids her mission.

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How to talk about money with your children?

You'll learn when to start to talk about money with your children, how to approach the conversation and which moments in your child's life matter the most.

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Relationships and motherhood

You'll learn what is crucial for your financial independence during this exciting time in life and how to get on about it.


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Essential steps for your long-term financial independence.



It might not sound very romantic, but planning ahead for a life as a family financially will help you to secure your future. How will you organise your work-life? What money will you need for childcare, your children's education? All these are questions that make a difference on your finances. A financial plan can help you, to work out what you need.


Have the money conversation

Discussing money with your partner is crucial to define a way that works for both of you. Who will contribute what to the household? How do you get organised? What does it mean for each others worklife? Sorting this out will help you to find a way that works for both of you.


Factor in part-time work and breaks

Regardless which way is right for you, being aware of what working part-time or taking a break means for your pension is essential and will help you to make sure you do all that's needed to avoid unwanted surprises.


Safety and protection

It might not happen, but if, better to be prepared. Think about: how am I and my kids protected in case something might happen to one of us? What will happen if we should decide to go separate ways? What safety pot do I need and how can I build one?