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planning your financial future

in partnership with Scottish Widows

Embracing financial education, together

On average, women retiring today retire with half the private pension of men

The pension gap is a result of a number of factors that tend to impact women more than men and can make it challenging to save for the future. 

SmartPurse has partnered with Scottish Widows, one of the UK's leading pension providers, to bring you the information and guidance you need to take charge of your financial future.  

Get started with a quick financial health check

Kick off your financial journey with our easy 2-minute quiz to identify your attitude to money and finances and guide you on the next stage of your journey.

Answer 13 easy questions, see your personal results and where you stand comparing your score with other respondents. This quiz functions completely without figures or documents!

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Get to know your finances with bitesize courses

5-minute lessons to help inform and empower you to take charge of your finances

Detox your budget 

Overhaul your budget with lessons and resources that teach you the basics and follow a step-by-step plan for creating a personalised budget and finding money wasters. 

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Boost your money mindset 

Get a deeper understanding of your relationship with money, improve your mindset and set yourself up for ongoing future financial success. 


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Your financial lifecycle 

Unsurprisingly, the way we manage and understand our money changes as we move through life - learn how to optimise your finances at each stage of the traditional lifecycle and how to plan for the future.

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Financial confidence changes lives. We're excited to be working with Scottish Widows this International Women's Day to provide unique content that builds confidence and expertise - so we can all live better.

Olga Miler, Co-Founder SmartPurse

Articles & Blogs

Short 3-minute read providing you with facts and tips on living longer and money mindset

Living longer, what does it mean financially?

You may be able to run a marathon at 65, but will your retirement account be as strong as your body? Learn the essentials in this article.

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Are your finances as healthy as possible?

How does our mind impact our finances? Some quick facts on what we have learned about our money mindset asking real women.

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Taking on the gender pension gap

The gender pension gap is the difference in a women and men’s pension savings at retirement.

Today, on average, women retire with half the pension of men.  

Scottish Widows is passionate about changing this and empowering more households to plan for their future. 

Find out more about the gender pension gap and the steps to close it at 

Watch the Scottish Widows Gender Pension Gap Manifesto

Create a financial plan

Use this handy checklist to create a simple financial plan.


Detox your money

Establish a good budgeting routine with this checklist.


Create a savings habit

Start saving for your future with this fun checklist.


About Smartpurse

We are a unique financial wellness platform providing the inspiration, impartial knowledge and tools women need to take charge of their financial future and live more fulfilling and independent lives.

Co-founders Jude Kelly and Olga Miler bring over 10 years of knowledge and experience across the financial industry and the arts - building global communities of women and transforming financial services companies. 

Smartpurse is the result of the thousands of conversations that highlighted the need for a safe and welcoming space to discuss money questions, get practical help and revolutionise the way women discuss and plan their money.

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