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You've landed here - you've already taken a huge first step.

We inspire women across the globe to take charge of their financial futures and make a difference with their money.

Advice from real women.

How would you like to learn?

Everyone learns differently, choose what fits your life best. 

Digitally at your own pace.

Our 18 modules interactive digital money school makes it easy step-by-step. Fun exercises, handy checklists - get what you need when you need it.

Focused with an expert-led course.

Whether it's a particular topic or learning the basics, our expert-led courses help you to focus your effort and achieve tangible results in no-time.

Tailor-made with a specialist.

A little expert advice goes a long way. Our carefully vetted and trusted mentors help you get your money working hard straight away.

Trustworthy, competent, motivating, inspiring and objective. 

Chantal, Switzerland

What results can I expect?

Just started to work?

You'll learn how to put your money to work and be prepared for anything life might throw at you.

Juggling job, life and family?

You'll cut through the finance jungle and take control of your money to secure your future in the most time saving way.

Full of energy for the future?

You'll learn from other like-minded women and get the tools to make your money matter for yourself and your loved ones.

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