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We inspire women to achieve financial independence through unbiased education, coaching and events.

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I am learning so much and gaining confidence to invest. I am doing my research and it feels good to know that I belong to a community of women who approach it the same way.


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We are an independent gender-smart financial wellness platform.

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Very inspiring in terms of thinking actively about what our passion is and how we can make a difference.

Webinar participant, Advance May 2022

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🪄 Since we released our Money School app on iOS last summer, we’ve constantly been looking for ways to improve and make it more accessible.

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How it all began...

Meet our co-founders, Jude Kelly & Olga Miler.

On a mission to close the gender education gap, their joint knowledge and experiences expand across the financial industry and the arts.

In other words, they know what they're talking about when it comes to life and money - and before long, so will you.

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