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Thrive in wealth, work and wellbeing through unbiased education, coaching and events. Available live, online or via our app!


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We are a leading financial wellness platform, designed by women, welcoming all

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Your ultimate pass to success. Access 80+ online lessons, exclusive resources, and weekly live coachings and more

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Embark on a thrilling finance journey with extraordinary events and empowering courses

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A helpful network of SmartPurse-vetted financial experts that offer you 1:1 impartial money advice


Empower your workforce

Financial distress costs UK employers over 3bn US$ annually. Imagine what this could mean for your workforce?

Join the growing number of companies already witnessing the transformative impact of SmartPurse financial wellness on productivity and employee well-being.


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Why SmartPurse

We grow your wealth, work, and wellbeing success with independent, ad-free knowledge and tools crafted by leading experts. What your participants achieve:

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Up to $ 6,000

The amount our participants save more per year


Optimise their retirement plans

7 out of 10

72% of our participants start to invest confidently

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How it all began...

Meet our co-founders, Jude Kelly & Olga Miler.

On a mission to close the gender education gap, their joint knowledge and experiences expand across the financial industry and the arts.

In other words, they know what they're talking about when it comes to life and money - and before long, so will you.

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Thrive in life and do good

We believe everyone has the right to succeed

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