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We inspire women to achieve financial freedom through independent education, coaching and events

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Women And Money: Boost Your Financial Security

Join us at our live event in London with Laura Ann Moore, where she'll talk about how to ensure you have sound financial security as a woman while also answering all your money queries. 

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I am learning so much and gaining confidence to invest. I am doing my research and it feels good to know that I belong to a community of women who approach it the same way.


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We are an independent gender-smart financial wellness platform.
Designed by women, useful for everyone.

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Join thousands others to test and find out more about your financial health and see how you compare to others or track your own progress!  

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Our ultimate financial learning toolkit. Discover everything you need to set yourself up for a successful future in 80+ lessons with our app. 

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Invest Sustainably

Grow your money & save the planet with our on-demand course, full of practical advice from sustainable investing experts.

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Let's talk money

Over 300 amazing women and 30+ experts attended our Money Rally in partnership with Frauenzentrale Zürich, exchanging on everything there is to know about your finances and sharing their stories.

More about the event here!

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Boost your confidence

95% of course participants see improved confidence in two weeks.

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94% of our participants rate the content as 'very good' or 'excellent'.

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90% of our users would recommend us to a friend.

Very inspiring in terms of thinking actively about what our passion is and how we can make a difference.

Webinar participant, Advance May 2022

How it all began...

Meet our co-founders, Jude Kelly & Olga Miler.

On a mission to close the gender education gap, their joint knowledge and experiences expand across the financial industry and the arts.

In other words, they know what they're talking about when it comes to life and money - and before long, so will you.

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