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  • Amanda Redman Financial Advice

    Adviser, Tonbridge


    I am the owner of Amanda Redman Financial Planning. We help clients get their money working harder, to enable them to live their best possible life. We give them a clear financial ...
  • Melina Scheuber

    Coach, Zürich


    The good feeling of being financially secure in every respect, be it today or even in old age, is very important to me. Financial issues are always with us, because goals and needs...
  • Désirée Dosch - SmartPurse

    Coach, Zürich


    I worked in the financial industry for over 15 years in various international management positions. As a financial services expert and former Head of Women Segment EMEA in a Swiss...
  • Angela Choi

    Coach, Geneva


    I am a Financial Coach who loves to share my expertise and experience to help you to achieve your financial goals. I am based in Geneva and speak English and Chinese. Originall...
  • Stephanie - SmartPurse Expert

    Adviser, Bern


    I'm a Financial Planner focused on supporting women in building pensions, based in Switzerland. I speak English, German and French. I have gained experience in the financial se...
  • Philipp Wüst - SmartPurse Experte

    Adviser, Kloten


    I'm an FCA-authorised financial advisor based in Zurich. I speak English and German. I can help to support and encourage you towards a more autonomous and self-determined life...
  • Alexander Troschel - SmartPurse Experte

    Adviser, Zürich


    I am a financial advisor based in Zurich and offer comprehensive advice as a trustee and entrepreneur. I speak English and German. I am an experienced generalist with a broad n...
  • Christine

    Coach, Lachen


    I am a private investor looking to share my financial know-how, based in Zurich. I speak German, English & French. I am a Financial Controller in diverse International Corporati...
  • Christine Jarvis, SmartPurse Coach

    Adviser, Christchurch


    I am a female Chartered Financial Planner helping to simplify money concerns. I'm based in Christchurch and speak English. I help clients to prioritise and build both short- and...
  • Jarrath Cush, SmartPurse Coach

    Adviser, Whiteley


    I'm an FCA-authorised financial advisor who can help you with a range of topics. I'm based in Whiteley and speak English. Over the last 13 years, I have had the pleasure of offe...
  • Sarah Headshot

    Adviser, Genève


    I'm an advisor with over 15 years of financial experience, based in Switzerland. I speak English and French. Helping women to get started on their investing journey is what insp...
  • Gosia Headshot

    Adviser, London


    I'm a qualified mortgage and insurance advisor based in London. I speak English. I'm a qualified mortgage and insurance adviser, and have worked with a wide range of clients, in...
  • Ceri Griffiths, SmartPurse Coach

    Adviser, Griffithstown


    I founded Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning, to help women who are getting divorced. I am based in Wales, and I speak English. I'm Ceri Griffiths, I am the Founder of Wi...
  • Ilana Jankowitz

    Coach, Zurich


    I'm a certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner based in Zurich. I speak English & German. I'm a happily married mum of two young adults, who are now both pursuing thei...
  • Julie Eddicott

    Adviser, Christchurch


    I'm an advisor with over 30 years of experienced, based in Christchurch. I speak English. Life does not stay still for long and good financial advice has never been more importa...
  • Claudia Button

    Adviser, London


    I'm a Certified Financial Planner passionate about women in business, based in London. I speak English. I am passionate about women in business and believe that every good busin...
  • Photo of Cara

    Coach, London


    I'm a financial coach here to help people avoid common money mistakes. I'm based in London and speak English. I started my career when I realised how many people struggled with ...
  • Photo of Nick

    Adviser, Exeter


    I'm a highly experienced and qualified Chartered Financial Planner, based in Exeter. I speak English. I am calm, empathetic, and able to make sense of complex situations. I’ll w...
  • Photo of Aaron

    Adviser, London


    I'm an FCA-authorised financial advisor based in London. I speak English. I help people identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without running out of money, what...
  • Photo of Isabel

    Adviser, Bath


    I'm an FCA-authorised financial advisor who can help with a range of topics. I'm based in Bath and speak English. I am passionate about helping you put a financial plan in place...

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