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Meet the team that's been tirelessly working on building SmartPurse




Jude Kelly, SmartPurse

Jude Kelly


One of the UK’s leading cultural practitioners. Voted the most powerful woman in the Arts, founder of the WOW - Women of the World Festivals, now in over 20 countries, 5 continents.

Olga Miler, SmartPurse

Olga Miler


Award-winning innovation architect and marketing executive. UBS, PwC, Nestle, start-up experienced. Developed UBS award-winning programme for women.

Désirée Dosch, SmartPurse

Désirée Dosch

Business Development

10 years' experience in growth strategies and marketing. Expert in financial services and former Head of Women Segment EMEA in a Swiss Wealth Management Bank. 

Sophie Goodall, SmartPurse

Sophie Goodall

Marketing Manager

8 years of experience developing marketing and growth strategies for startups, SME's and agencies. Expert in branding, user journeys and the full marketing mix. Lover of print marketing and thought-leadership communication.

Michael Weiss, SmartPurse

Michael Weiss

Finance & Metrics

Over 17 years’ experience in financial services, corporate advisory, derivatives, financing at CS, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers! Start-up experienced with own merchant banking boutique.



Marketing Intern

A recent graduate from the University of Oxford with a BA in English Literature and Language. Having used her dissertation as a chance to study women’s rights and social media, she is now interested in bringing those ideas into a digital marketing landscape.



Visual Content Assistant

4 to 5 years’ experience in illustration, community building, and content management. Practised in storytelling, producing learning resources and building networks. Self-proclaimed professional geek and passionate about visual culture.