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Deep dive: funding your retirement.

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Maintain your lifestyle no matter what life throws at you!

In 2 hours you will:

  • Learn how to calculate what you need for your pension.
  • Learn what 'good' pension preparation might look like for you.
  • Get actionable insights into the hidden factors influencing your pension, from taxes to career breaks.
  • Demystify the jargon and discover how different pension schemes work.
  • Mitigate the impact that Covid-19 might have had on your pension pot.
  • Discover easy ways to make your pension ‘green’.
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What to expect:

  • Hints, tips & practical pension insights.
  • Confidence & clarity to sort out your pension.
  • Time to ask your questions.

What do you need:

  • No prior financial knowledge.
  • This is a safe space to learn & ask questions.
  • A pen and paper if you like to make notes.

Meet Ceri.

I founded Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning, to help women who are getting divorced.

I work with solely with women going through divorce & I'm passionate about breaking down the corporate and cold image of financial services, and sharing the real people behind the advice.

Meet Michael.

I'm an FCA-authorised financial advisor looking to empower my clients, based in London. 

My clients trust me to help them put in place plans that protect their families and build their wealth to enable them to enjoy their medium and long-term financial goals. 

Trustworthy, competent, motivating, inspiring, and objective. 

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Course overview

1. Women & pensions.

We'll discuss the pension gender gap & how to overcome it - with handy hints to get you started, no matter your age.

2. Hidden factors.

Including choosing your retirement age, the cost of part-time work & career breaks, taxes and your money mindset.

3. Sustainability.

Your pension can help save the world and give you a better future to retire in.

4. Over to you.

We'll give you plenty of time to ask our experts your questions.

We're living longer & want to live in style.

Depending on when we choose to retire, we could easily spend over 25 years living on our pension.

It seems like an insurmountable challenge, making sure we have enough money to live the lifestyle we're used to, without any income.

But it can be done, and we'll help you get there! 

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