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Summary, Test & Actions

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In this chapter you've learned 📎

  1. Your money mindset is your set of beliefs regarding your finances, the relationship you have with your money and the value that you attribute to this aspect of your life.
  2. Your money mindset is influenced by our childhood, societal norms and values, your experiences with money, and, your financial education.
  3. Money means very different things to different people at different points in life - to get a picture of your own money mindset you can do simple reflection exercises - this can be very useful when it comes to negotiations and in relationships.
  4. Your financial health is not only about the figure on your bank account. It is driven by 3 As: awareness, ability and your motivation to take action.

Your to-do list 📝

✔︎ Get to know your money mindset completing the checklist

✔︎ Take a snapshot of your financial health

✔︎ Reflect on what you want to learn about money


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