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FIFA World Cup: Buying NFT Paninis - a (failed) experiment

Challenge: can we buy a hyped FIFA World Cup NFT Panini within four hours? The answer is no. Because no one can.

Metaverse - interesting facts and figures

The Metaverse is currently being hyped. Is it a vision of the future, or has it already become a reality? What does it mean for every individual and especially for every woman? We want to take you on our journey into the virtual world - as a user in the first independent financial wellness platform in the metaverse - the SmartPurse Metastudio.

Day of the girl 2022

October 11, marks the 10th International World Girls' Day. Why do we need a World Girls' Day? Isn't World Children's Day and World Women's Day enough? The answer is quite simple: No! Because girls' needs are still not adequately acknowledged worldwide.
SmartPurse Metastudio

The world's first independent financial wellness platform opens in the Metaverse

It's here! The SmartPurse Metastudio - the world's first independent
financial wellness platform in the Metaverse - is open. We are thrilled to offer our users a new virtual world.
Frauen im Metaverse

Why we need more women in the Metaverse

With the Metaverse, new worlds are just emerging, offering the potential to leave old burdens such as discrimination and exclusion behind and create an equal space for all. Unfortunately, women don't seem to have arrived in the Metaverse yet, which needs to change urgently.

Make time to invest in your pension

Is there really that much difference between what men and women get in pensions? The short answer? A resounding YES! Read our top tips what you can do to close the pension gap

Ways you can spend wisely and save at Christmas time

How to have a Financially Happy Christmas. With all the financial ups and downs we’ve had so far this year, it’s even more important to think about how we can afford a Christmas that will make everyone happy.
Bildung für Mädchen

How to give your children the best (financial) start

Giving your children the best start in life has never been so important as during a time of economic uncertainty. When we see the cost of living increasing at a fast pace, it’s high time to look at saving for the future. Read pratical tips how to get on about it

It’s self-assessment time. Let’s get organised!

Check out our handy tips and checklists to make your tax return as stress-free as possible.

Turn Your Money Green

Investing sustainably is on the rise, but what does it really mean and how can you make investments that are good for you and good for the planet?

Looking after your finances during and after divorce

The pain of separating can be compounded by financial uncertainty for one or both partners, especially if you have children to consider. Having a handle on your finances is crucial.
women and retirement

Scottish Widows ‘Women and Retirement’ launch

SmartPurse’s Olga Miler was at the launch of the Scottish Widows ‘Women and Retirement’ report, which looks at women and retirement plans in the UK.

Energy crisis – you and your finances

We’re in unprecedented times with energy prices soaring to new highs. There’s not much we can do about increasing costs, but we can take matters into our own hands when it comes to how much energy we consume.

The SmartPurse Money Rally 2022

Attended by over 300 women ready to take their financial future into their own hands through various interactive and educational workshops and inspiring talks, the Money Rally was an event that no one involved will soon forget.

Here are 4 brands we recommend for your last-minute holiday shopping…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone - but you still have plenty of time to get quality gifts for the holiday season. We’ve found a couple of sustainable-focused companies all boasting some pretty amazing ideas, and today, we’re sharing them all with you!

Is saving worth it? Strengthen your money mindset & start saving

Saving money tends to be one of the first financial skills that we learn, typically in the form of pocket money as children. However, that doesn't mean we're automatically pros at it...
Negative Interest Rates - what are they & how will they affect you?

What should 'Negative Interest Rate' mean to you?

With the UK considering Negative Interest Rates, what do you need to know about them?

Protecting your financial future in times of crisis

Do you know how your money’s protected in an emergency and what you can do now for your future and security? With these 9 points you can avoid uncertainty and prepare yourself.

How to avoid falling into debt & how to snowball your way out

How you can avoid debt and how the snowball principle can help you get debt under control.

Living longer - what does that mean financially?

Modern medicine is an incredible thing. We’re living longer, healthier lives, and celebrating a 100th birthday doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it once was. But while our doctors have allowed us to live longer, our bank accounts don’t know how to keep up.