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What the Olympics Teaches Us About Financial Fitness

Growing Financially Savvy Kids: A Parent's Checklist

Investing in Football: How to Score Big in the Billion-Dollar Game

Football is more than just a sport; it's a global phenomenon that captures hearts and minds. But have you ever thought about not just cheering from the stands but also investing in the game itself?

Wolves, Witches, and Wall Street: Gender Bias in Financial Language

See how gendered language impacts not only financial titans like Hetty Green and Jordan Belfort but also cultural icons like Taylor Swift. Learn how we can work together to create a more inclusive future.

Travel Smart: Top Tips for Currency Exchange This Summer

Discover the best times for great rates, where to find the unreal deals, and major NOs. Get ready to make every dollar count and enjoy a wallet-friendly summer getaway! ☀️

Mexico Elects First Female President: Is Every Election Really a Win?

Unlock the truth behind Mexico's historic election of its first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum. Is this a monumental step forward for women's political representation, or just a clever PR move? 🇲🇽

Master Your Money: Top 5 Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Looking to start investing? Here's 5 common mistakes to avoid on your journey and a few quick tips. Plus we've got a special announcement...(here's a sneak peak: you could stand a chance to win up to CHF 1000 🤯)

SmartPurse Explores Dubai - The Next FinTech Oasis

Dubai isn't just a city; it's a rising star in the realms of finance and technology. Catch a glimpse of our latest article, where we're diving headfirst into the vibrant Dubai scene with a bold new strategic partnership.
Women on phone. Side Hustle Title.

The Gig Economy: 5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Side Income

Dive into the booming gig economy! With nearly 40% of Gen Zers hopping on the side hustle train to tackle rising living costs and financial stress, it's time to seize the opportunity. Discover 5 ways to skyrocket your income!
Bitcoin in front of falling stocks

What's the Buzz with Bitcoin?

What's all the buzz with Bitcoin? Well, it just had its own version of a blockbuster event: the halving! But don't worry, it's not as spooky as it sounds. Learn more about this pivotal moment in the world of Crypto.
5 ways to spring clean your finances

Spring Clean Your Finances: 5 Fresh Strategies for a Financial Reset

Just as we declutter our living spaces, tidying up our financial landscape can bring clarity, organisation, and even a sense of empowerment. So grab your broom and dustpan—it's time to sweep away the cobwebs of financial clutter.
Woman holding a bitcoin

A Little Bit of Bitcoin for Your Retirement Fund?

Newer crypto investment products such as the Bitcoin Spot ETFs are making investing simpler and now conventionally accessible even for your retirement funds. Discover whether it pays off and what you need to keep in mind
Tax forms with Tax Time! on a yellow sticky note

A Guide to Conquering Your Tax Return in 2024

Navigate the complexities of tax season with confidence! Discover expert tips and strategies for conquering your tax return in 2024.
Mutli-coloured eggs in a nest

Start Building a Nest Egg this Easter!

Draw motivation from the natural world this season and grow your savings. Delve into our six tips for securing your financial future this Easter and beyond 🪺
Woman working with paper

Ready to thrive financially in a 100-year life?

What does longevity mean for your finances? Discover how living longer transforms opportunity and fulfillment
woman holding phone

The Art of Investing

The Art of Investing: discover unique insights and personal tips from finance thought leaders

Transforming Your Finances: A Christmas Miracle in 12 Steps

Tis the season of giving, and what better gift to give yourself than a transformed financial outlook? In this magical time of Christmas, let's unwrap the secrets to "Transforming Your Finances: A Christmas Miracle in 12 Steps."

Jingle Bills: Smart Ways to Sleigh Your Christmas Spending

Get your Bublé Playlist on, twinkly lights activated and get ready for 4 Rules for Mastering a Merry, Money-Smart Christmas and avoid starting the New Year with a frosty financial aftermath.

The 10 Ways Financial Confidence Transforms Your Team

Financial trust within a team is the secret sauce for seamless collaboration and efficiency.

Why you should consider multiple income streams

It's time to break the taboo around part-time work and deep dive at the benefits and opportunities from multiple income streams.

Splitting the Bill: Frugality or Fairness?

Split the bill or go your separate ways? It's not just about money, it's about revealing our financial philosophies. Are you a penny-pincher or a believer in shared expenses? Discover where you stand.

Unwrapping Financial Preparedness: Your Self-Assessment Guide

October is the perfect time to get a head start on your financial game. Discover how to conquer your self-assessment tax return and secure a stress-free year-end.

Igniting Change: Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child 2023

Unveiling the power of young girls! Discover why this day matters and how it's shaping a brighter future. Let's champion change and ensure no girl is left behind.

Empowering Women for a Secure Retirement

Unlock the keys to financial freedom and embark on a journey towards a retirement that's not just secure but absolutely thrilling. Join us as we reveal the strategies to make your golden years shine brighter than you ever imagined. It's time to rewrite the rules of retirement and live life on your terms.

The Wild Ride of Bitcoin, Evergrande, and the Betting on Stock Market Crashes

Buckle Up for a Financial Roller-Coaster! Discover the jaw-dropping twists of Bitcoin's ride, thenail-biting saga of Evergrande, and the daring game of betting on market crashes. Get ready to explore the thrilling world of finance in a language that speaks to everyone without the corporate jargon.

Unveiling the AI Investment Puzzle:Navigating Opportunities and Risks

Dive into the future of finance with a journey into the world of AI investments. Discover how artificial intelligence isn't just a trend but a landscape reshaping industries. From decoding the AI phenomenon to navigating ethical complexities, we unveil the strategic nuances that go beyond the hype.

Jet-Set, Go! Tips for Thriving as a Digital Nomad

Ready to break free from the ordinary? Uncover the secrets to a life of adventure, freedom, and exploration as a digital nomad! Check out our latest blog post and redefine the way you work. Get ready to live life on your terms – the nomadic way!

Unlocking vacation savings: Expert tips to dodge money drains

As the sun shines brighter and vacation time approaches, so do the rising expenses! Travelling with your family sounds amazing, but the costs can quickly add up. Let's dive into the top money drains and how to avoid them for a budget-friendly and stress-free getaway.

High rates, houses and the end of Help to Buy

Breaking through the barriers of high rates and the end of Help to Buy, we unravel the complexities of first-time home buying. Rent or buy? Save or borrow? Find out how to navigate this challenging landscape and make the right move.

Safeguard your purchasing power this Pride Month

June paints the world in rainbow hues, and at SmartPurse HQ, we celebrate Pride Month by transforming your financial outlook. Curious about the connection? Wondering about 'Pinkwashing'? We have the answers.

Unveiling 39 years of impact: UK Volunteers' Week and its economic influence

Get ready to be amazed! Discover how volunteers shape our society, contribute billions to the economy, and create a brighter future for all.

Earth Overshoot Day and what you can do about it

Join us this week as we go green, sharing ideas to make a big difference in how we spend and invest. Let us inspire you with brilliant eco-friendly suggestions.

Money Matters for Mental Health Awareness Week

Money can be a significant source of stress and anxiety for many people, which can negatively impact mental health, but you can take action. SmartPurse offers tips to reduce anxiety and improve financial well-being.

Unconventional investing: How to make your possessions work for you!

Dreamt of that elusive designer handbag? Thought it was a frivolous expense while sticking to traditional investment schemes?? Think again! Investing in luxury items is a booming trend.
Invest in our future

Invest in our planet, invest in your future

Join the celebration of Earth Day 2023 on April 22nd with this year's theme, "Invest in our planet." There are numerous ways, big and small, that we can support our planet. Let's explore these ways together and create a positive impact. Get ready to make a difference! 🌎

Don’t become overwhelmed by debt

As the cost of living continues to skyrocket and wages stay put, many are feeling the squeeze. Debt can feel like an ominous shadow looming over, but Debt Awareness Week is here as a reminder that there's free and confidential support available.
Woman doing fitness on mat

How your finances affect your health

It's the little things that make a difference! Learn 5 simple tips for your “money hygiene” that will make a difference to your wellbeing

FIFA World Cup: Buying NFT Paninis - a (failed) experiment

Challenge: can we buy a hyped FIFA World Cup NFT Panini within 90 minutes? The answer is no. No one can.

Crypto popcorn moments: 5 take-aways from the FTX collapse

FTX, the no. 4 crypto exchange, has filed for bankruptcy. This after a nail-biting Wild West high-noon showdown with Binance, the no. 1 crypto exchange. Our 5 take-aways from the testosterone-fueled crypto thriller that will keep us busy for a long time to come.

Metaverse - interesting facts and figures

The Metaverse is currently being hyped. Is it a vision of the future, or has it already become a reality? What does it mean for every individual and especially for every woman? We want to take you on our journey into the virtual world - as a user in the first independent financial wellness platform in the metaverse - the SmartPurse Metastudio.

Day of the girl 2022

October 11, marks the 10th International World Girls' Day. Why do we need a World Girls' Day? Isn't World Children's Day and World Women's Day enough? The answer is quite simple: No! Because girls' needs are still not adequately acknowledged worldwide.
SmartPurse Metastudio

The world's first independent financial wellness platform opens in the Metaverse

It's here!

SmartPurse Metastudio - the world's first independent
financial wellness platform in the Metaverse. We are thrilled to offer our users a new virtual world.
Frauen im Metaverse

Why we need more women in the Metaverse

With the Metaverse, new worlds are just emerging, offering the potential to leave old burdens such as discrimination and exclusion behind and create an equal space for all. Unfortunately, women don't seem to have arrived in the Metaverse yet, which needs to change urgently.

The SmartPurse Money Rally 2022

Attended by over 300 women ready to take their financial future into their own hands through various interactive and educational workshops and inspiring talks, the Money Rally was an event that no one involved will soon forget. 

Here are 4 brands we recommend for your last-minute holiday shopping…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone - but you still have plenty of time to get quality gifts for the holiday season. We’ve found a couple of sustainable-focused companies all boasting some pretty amazing ideas, and today, we’re sharing them all with you!

Boost your holiday season budget with these 3 simple tips

The festive season is just around the corner. This season is all about spending time with family and friends, and we’re probably all taking advantage of some time off. But don’t forget, you still need to be considering how you manage your finances, especially at this time of year.
SVB Collapse

Silicon Valley Bank crumbles: Will your finances be affected?

Tech lending giants crumble as US banks face their biggest crisis since 2008. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank seized by authorities, sending shockwaves across global markets. HSBC steps in to salvage the UK branch of SVB, but can they weather the storm?
buy now pay later

Is Buy Now, Pay Later worth it?

Some people may be concerned that their current savings may not be enough to afford the holiday season and are considering how best to spread the costs. Do you turn to loans or Buy Now, Pay Later schemes?
SmartPurse Money Christmas

SmartPurse Festive Fun – Creating a Christmas community

We’ve really got into the spirit of more intentional gifting here at SmartPurse HQ. For our last festive challenge, let’s think about the things we can make that will save a few pounds as well as bringing people together to enjoy some Christmas crafting.
Bildung für Mädchen

How to give your children the best (financial) start

Giving your children the best start in life has never been so important as during a time of economic uncertainty. When we see the cost of living increasing at a fast pace, it’s high time to look at saving for the future. Read pratical tips how to get on about it

It’s self-assessment time - let’s get organised!

Check out our handy tips and checklists to make your tax return as stress-free as possible.

Turn Your Money Green

Investing sustainably is on the rise, but what does it really mean and how can you make investments that are good for you and good for the planet?

Energy crisis – you and your finances

We’re in unprecedented times with energy prices soaring to new highs. There’s not much we can do about increasing costs, but we can take matters into our own hands when it comes to how much energy we consume.
financially happy 2023

Get your finances off to a flying start - Make 2023 your best year yet!

Now that we’re well and truly into January, here at SmartPurse HQ, we are planning our finances for 2023, and we want you to join us on this journey toward financial independence. Are you with us?

Make time to invest in your pension

Is there really that much difference between what men and women get in pensions? The short answer? A resounding YES! Read our top tips what you can do to close the pension gap

Ways you can spend wisely and save at Christmas time

How to have a Financially Happy Christmas. With all the financial ups and downs we’ve had so far this year, it’s even more important to think about how we can afford a Christmas that will make everyone happy.

Make smart money decisions and get your finances back on track

February is a great month to flex those frugal muscles and give your budget an overhaul. After the big spending commitments of December and January, February can be a time to reflect on your spending and saving habits.

Your money and your loved ones

When it comes to money and our loved ones, the possibilities for misunderstandings are common as often those intentions aren't communicated clearly enough.
Little girl watering plants

Three tips for your sustainable family finances

A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that ‘human influence has warmed the climate at a rate that is unprecedented in the last 2000 years’, which means that global attempts to reduce climate change need to become even more of a priority over the next few years...

Looking after your finances during and after divorce

The pain of separating can be compounded by financial uncertainty for one or both partners, especially if you have children to consider. Having a handle on your finances is crucial.
women and retirement

Scottish Widows ‘Women and Retirement’ launch

SmartPurse’s Olga Miler was at the launch of the Scottish Widows ‘Women and Retirement’ report, which looks at women and retirement plans in the UK.

Are you ready to Embrace Equity?

It's International Women's Day next Wednesday, and this year's theme is 'Embrace Equity – which is far more than a slogan: it's a call to arms to challenge gender stereotypes, pinpoint bias, tackle discrimination and take steps to achieve real inclusion.

Transmitting financial values - tips for grandpartents

Today we're sharing 3 good money habits to teach your grandchildren (without upsetting their parents).

Have you taught your kids these 3 money habits?

When we tell you to 'never stop learning', we mean it. Today's article is all about good money habits to instil in your kids (no matter their age). But don't worry - if you don't have kids, these tips can act as a reminder of what's important when it comes to your mindset. 

How can you secure your family finances now?

The pandemic has left no stone unturned - and that includes the world of family finances. Today, we’re covering some of the key facts about how Covid-19 has impacted household money management, and we hope it helps you to better understand your current financial situation.

Is a variable annuity the perfect fit for your dream retirement?

Ever wondered what an annuity is? Or when you should start considering one? Or what people mean when they talk about an ‘annuitization phase’? Then keep reading for all this, plus a special SmartPurse announcement...

How to strengthen your will (5+ keywords you need to know)

Your will is an extremely important part of your money management, as it allows you to determine where your assets will go after your death. No matter your age or your current situation, if you are able to make a will, it's an easy way to gain some control over your finances.

Pension planning: the top 5 mistakes we tend to make

Deciding what you want to do after you retire is an extremely important step in your money management. It’s also extremely personal, meaning no one but you can make the final decision. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from others’ mistakes though...

3 tips for retirement at ANY age

Start early, understand the process, invest as much as you can. These are some typical tips you’ll find online when looking for help with your pension planning. But at what point in your life should you be doing them?

Quick tips for promoting good financial literacy in the workplace

We believe that providing access to financial education should be one of the top priorities and responsibilities of employers when it comes to employee wellbeing. And the last year has shown just how important this education is.

Are your finances as healthy as possible?

Over the last 50 years, we have seen women's equality make great progress, yet managing money still remains a primarily male domain. Why?!

Invest in your morals: how to make the world a better place

Where we put our money can have such a positive impact on the world. We can create the utopia of our ethical dreams if we put our money in the right place. And that all starts with financial planning.
Woman looking at large clock.

How to stop wasting time & start investing in your future

You’ve probably thought to yourself on a number of occasions, ‘I really should have started that sooner…’ Having the ability to take your time with things can feel like a luxury sometimes, but it shouldn’t, because time management is actually a huge part of self-care, and when it comes to money management, it’s just good practice.

Is saving worth it? Strengthen your money mindset & start saving

Saving money tends to be one of the first financial skills that we learn, typically in the form of pocket money as children. However, that doesn't mean we're automatically pros at it...
Woman shopping for shoes

3 ways to boost your post-lockdown spending budget

Whether it’s already happened, or you’re still counting down the days, non-essential shops are beginning to open up around the world. In all the excitement of finally having a little more freedom, it can be easy to take a few days off from your budget and ‘treat yourself’ for the first time in a very (very) long time.
group of people in meeting

Negotiating? These 5 tips could help you to see success in the workplace

Whether you’re looking for an extra line in your CV, or you simply want to brush up on certain skills, here are our five steps for successfully negotiating your education in the workplace.

Embedded banking: how does shopping keep getting quicker?

Trap? Or handy convenience?

Uber, Shopify, Klarna... What do these three companies have in common? They are all taking advantage of the world of embedded banking.
Negative Interest Rates - what are they & how will they affect you?

What should 'Negative Interest Rate' mean to you?

With the UK considering Negative Interest Rates, what do you need to know about them?

Reliable ways to avoid falling into debt & how to snowball your way out

How you can avoid debt and how the snowball principle can help you get debt under control.

Follow these 6 tips to find the financial expert that is right for you

When do you need financial advice? How do you find someone you can trust? What should you be aware of when selecting your advisor? This checklist provides the most important points.

Raffaella & Valentina - two women talk about what they do with their money

Valentina invested at a high just before the crisis, Raffaella became an entrepreneur in January. Because we learn a lot about money primarily from experience: here are two stories about women and what they do with their money.

Want to create your own financial plan? Here are 7 simple steps...

What do you want for tomorrow? In five years? Ten years? A financial plan helps you to create order. It provides you with security, increases your ability to react to the unexpected, and helps you to achieve your goals.

Do you know these 9 simple steps that could protect your financial future?

Do you know how your money’s protected in an emergency and what you can do now for your future and security? With these 9 points you can avoid uncertainty and prepare yourself.

How you can support equality with your financial investment

Investments in companies that actively live and promote diversity and equality are increasing. Just a hype, or a good opportunity? How do such systems work and what you should know about them?

These 6 points help you to harmonise money and values

Is investing money also an affair of the heart? How you can express your values with your money and how to go about it.

Five women explain how your money can make the world a better place

Would you like to try your hand at sustainable investment? Our co-founder Olga asked five female financial professionals some key questions to help get you started.

How do you know when to save and when to invest?

8 tips for saving and investing: How much money do you need to get started? When should you start?

7 tips on investing with robo-advisors

What if investing were as easy as online shopping? Let’s explore how to invest with robo-advisors.

What women should know about money and investing

It all started when my dad suddenly died, leaving us in a whirlpool of receipts and bills, along with shock and grief. It took my mum and I, two well-educated women, almost 2 years to get out of this tornado and start to understand everything.
Jude & Mary Portas

Chatting with the Queen of Shops

Our co-founder Jude Kelly is a guest on the latest episode of Work Like a Woman, as part of the second series of this podcast from Mary Portas.

Living longer - what does that mean financially?

Modern medicine is an incredible thing. We’re living longer, healthier lives, and celebrating a 100th birthday doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it once was. But while our doctors have allowed us to live longer, our bank accounts don’t know how to keep up.

You're not alone, we all worry about money

Although modern live seems to revolve around money, it’s one of the most difficult subjects for us to talk or think about. Many people find it even harder to discuss than politics or religion.