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What if learning all you need to know about money was as natural as keeping your body fit? Our digital money self-help guide & toolkit helps you to do exactly that in 4 easy stages.

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It's like starting your fitness programme. Start by taking 3 minutes to find out what you feel and know about money - no figures or calculators required.

Check your Financial Health

Your 4 step learning journey

SmartPurse takes you through all you need to know step by step, like a fitness app. This is what you'll learn: 

1. Connect money to your life
Define what money means to you and build a healthy relationship with it.

2. Design your money programme
Set out your life goals, the money you need to achieve them and set your money targets. 

3. Assemble your financial tools
Learn all the concepts and tools you need and build your saving and investment plan. 

4. Take action
Translate what matters to you into your personal money approach and put it to work.

Make your money learning journey a habit like walking steps. All it takes is 10 minutes daily for less than 2 months and you'll have the peace of mind that you know all the necessary basics and made it really happen - your money matters, sorted.  

I just learnt about SmartPurse and it is an amazing concept! Bye, bye movie, I know what I will have as my Friday evening entertainment... reading and learning all about this.


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