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You've landed here - you've already taken a huge first step.

Want to learn all you need to know to be in control of your money faster than reading a book and in a practical way so you get things done?

Start getting smart with money today

It's like starting your fitness programme. Start by taking a few minutes to find out where you stand, or have a look around and start straight away.

Find out where you stand today

Take a snapshot in just 5 minutes (no calculator needed:-)) and find out what you feel and know about money. 

Have a look around and start learning now

Access our free content and get inspired.
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Your money - your rules

You are unique and everyone learns differently - this is why we don't believe in one-size-fits-all and created a new way to learn about money in an personal way - pick the way you want to learn to get the best results for you in the most time-saving way. 

Learn by yourself

Busy? Prefer to learn 'on the go'?

Then our step-by-step digital money journey is for you! Like in a fitness app, you get bitsize daily money micro modules. Practice with quizzes and checklists. Do it step-by-step or pick specific topics.

It's more effective and way faster than reading a book and more fun too:-)

Take a workshop

You learn best by sharing stories and exchanging ideas?

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

That’s why we offer a wide range of online webinars, workshops and events.

Join a bootcamp

You prefer to learn in a laser focused way with a clear schedule?

Then join our SmartPurse Money Bootcamp -  an intense 1 week money programme where you get things done. In a private group we'll work through a specific topic. You'll benefit from daily live calls, access to practical tools, 1-on-1 coaching and take action.

My thanks, I have learned a lot in this short time! I really need to do something and manage our money better.


Learn the SmartPurse Way...

...with a toolkit designed by women, for women.

Benefit from the experience from other women with content based on the money questions we've collected from hundreds of women.

Make informed decisions with tools and resources that are fully independent - no commercial purchase points - not even in our free content:-)

Learn faster and get things done with proven expertise - we are an award winning team  with decades of experience in empowering women and changing financial services. We moved mountains before we created this.

Try before you buy with our free content

We provide you with free access to a selection of articles, podcasts and webinars. You don't even have to sign up, but if you do we can provide you with a personalized experience - learn more.

Free Webinar Replays

Learn about money in an easy way  - in the evening on the couch or while commuting to work. In our free 15 minute - 1 hr webinars we cover different topics around money and investing providing you with tangible ideas and tips from our experts. Sit back and listen.

Free articles

Read the answers to money questions we've received from women around the world including access to a selection from our Nation-wide initiative in Switzerland with Watson News "Women and Money".

Why should I sign up for free?

We want as many women as possible to have access to quality financial education. That's why you can access a lot of our content without any restrictions - but if you sign-up for free, we can make things even easier for you.

  • see your personal learning progress 

  • stop and go from where you've left off and easily zoom back in

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  • practice what you've learned with interactive quizzes, games and checklists

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