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Invest in a sustainable future.

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Learn to invest sustainably.

Grow your money & save the planet with our on-demand course, full of practical advice from sustainable investing experts.

What's in the course?

A step-by-step guide to investing your money sustainably from financial & sustainability experts Jessica Robinson & Olga Miler over 4 on-demand video sessions, worth £800.

  • 4 on-demand videos.
  • A 'fill out digitally' course workbook.
  • Our guide to aligning your finances & values.
  • Resources to help you find suitable solutions.
  • One of a kind collection of knowledge sources.

What do you need?

  • You'll need to have at least £5 to start investing with, it doesn't take much to start growing your money or save the planet.
  • A quiet place to learn in comfort.
  • A pen and paper if you prefer making physical notes.
  • A positive attitude.

You do not need prior investing knowledge, though a basic understanding of your money is beneficial.

You'll also get a month's access to our Money School included with your course!

You'll learn:

  • What sustainable investing really is.
  • How to match your ethics to investing.
  • To identify a sustainable investment & avoid the 'greenwashing' smokescreen.
  • Our step-by-step guide to starting investing.
  • Different investing methods to suit you; ETFs, bonds, angel investing, etc.
  • All the ways your pension can be invested sustainably.
  • How to measure the impact your money makes.

If you want to change the world, the first step is to become more financially savvy.

Jessica Robinson

Is this course right for you?

Do you want to invest your money sustainably, no matter your budget, but aren't sure where to begin? 

OR do you want to make sure your money has a positive impact on the world and reflects your morals?

Then this course is for you!

This course is designed for women of all ages and backgrounds with an amount to invest, no matter how small. Having basic financial knowledge is helpful, but we provide self-study preparation material in our Money School, so you can learn even if you are just starting your journey.

Make a more positive impact on the world than going vegan for a lifetime for only £49 - what have you got to lose?

Course overview.

4 on-demand video sessions full of step-by-step guidance & practical tips to sustainable investing.

1. Discover.

  • Terminology - what it all means.
  • The link between investments and value.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2. Plan.

  • Defining your investment beliefs.
  • Gender and sustainability.
  • Setting your strategy and building your roadmap.

3. Invest.

  • The different methods of invest sustainably.
  • How to find & choose sustainable investments.
  • Your retirement money.

4. Review.

  • How to measure your impact.
  • Explore practical examples.
  • How to take action & grow over time.

For every course participant, we donate full SmartPurse Money School access to 10 women who have suffered from financial abuse.

Meet your tutors.

Jessica Robinson.

Jessica empowers female investors to grow their wealth through responsible and sustainable investing with Moxie Future.

Jessica was Head of Asia for the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI), after a long stint as Chief Executive & Board Director of the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA).

Olga Miler.

Olga is a global innovation expert, with 15 years of experience in financial services. She specialises in financial education, sustainability, and gender-smart investing.

She has won numerous awards including ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year' by CityWealth Magazine and a place on the Senior Leaders in Fintech Powerlist by Innovate Finance. Olga is co-Founder of SmartPurse with Jude Kelly OBE.

You're only 4 sessions away from being a sustainable investor - earn money & shape your future.

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    Learn to invest sustainably

    Join us on a step-by-step guide to ensure you know how to identify the right sustainable investments for you. We’ll teach you to make sure you’re not duped by misleading marketing, how to find investments that reflect your morals, and how to measure the impact your money has on the world.

    In just 4 sessions, learn how to grow your money and save the planet with as little as £5. 


    Enrolment includes one month access to the SmartPurse Digital Money School.