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The Psychology of Wealth

Instructors Laura Ann Moore
Where Online
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The Psychology of Wealth

10 January 2024, 12:30 - 13.00 GMT

Ever wondered why some people accumulate wealth while others struggle? Join our captivating webinar to explore the psychology behind wealth and its impact on your financial journey.

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Your thoughts about money can greatly impact your ability to make and grow it. In this webinar, we'll explore your money mindset and learn how to develop a mindset that sets you up for financial success.

Meet the expert

Laura Ann Moore

Meet Laura Ann Moore, a certified Financial Coach, Financial well-being speaker, and host of the Mind Money Soul podcast.

With extensive experience in the industry, Laura has been a guest on various financial podcasts, YouTube shows, and workshops and has worked with top brands such as Amazon. She has also appeared in mainstream media, collaborating with the BBC as 'Your money bestie'.

Laura helps individuals approach personal finance in a non-judgmental and considerate manner. She advocates for a healthy money mindset and strives to empower others to achieve financial freedom.


In our 30-minute webinar you will:

  • Understand the impact of your money mindset on your financial situation.
  • Define financial prosperity by dissecting the notions of financial freedom and independence.
  • Discover your own definition of wealth and the role money plays in your life, along with receiving the top 5 tips for cultivating a wealthy mindset.
  • Flexibility to watch the replay as often as needed so you can continue to reinforce and apply the insights and strategies you'll learn 


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