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What investment products are there and which one is right for me?

Is one of your goals to start investing? Wondering where to start? Our 20-minute, free webinar will give you a good start on how to find the info you’ll need to make investment decisions. 

It’s hard to make decisions when you don’t know all your options. It’s the same with investing...

  • do you opt for a passive or active strategy?
  • do you really need a financial advisor?
  • where can you invest if you’re risk averse?

We’ll make it easier for you to make smarter decisions about investing your money.

Women invest 40 percent less than men.

NBC News

Why should you listen in

In these 20 minute we'll...

  • give you an overview of the different asset classes
  • talk about how risk and return relate in the financial world
  • discuss the importance of diversification and what it means
  • explain the difference between Funds & ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

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