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Test your financial health

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In this lesson you will learn 💸

  • What financial health is
  • How to take a snapshot of your financial health

What is financial health?

Everyone has slightly different gauges for understanding their financial health, and that’s because we all have different financial needs. In our experience financial health is not only about the figures you have on your bank account.

It is driven by three factors:

Definition of financial health, awareness, ability, action
  1. Awareness: knowing when to take action for your finances and how much you might need based on your life situation and your plans for the future.
  2. Ability: knowing how to make it happen, for example how to put together a financial plan, a safety pot or what provider or product to pick to start investing.
  3. Action: your willingness and discipline to make it happen.

Your action 📝

Answer 13 easy questions, see your personal results and where you stand comparing your score with other respondents - no figures or documents needed!

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