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It’s easier with two pairs of hands.

Who do you take money advice from? And how do you know you can trust them with your finances? We've found the combination of two things the most effective:

  • Having a professional financial coach

  • Learning from other women's successes and failures

That’s why we are building tools to help you to do both in an easy way.

Find the right coach

A financial advisor can save you a lot of time and money, build your financial confidence and help you to invest successfully. The biggest challenge is to find the right person for you. 

So, we've decided to build a unique 'dating' service to help you find your trusted partner.

Coach finder

Topics you want advice on

Become a Coach

Sharing your experiences helps build your own financial confidence and helps others. We are building and training a community of independent coaches that can help other women. To find out more, please contact us at

I really enjoyed the financial advisor session in London. Just shocked that the industry still focuses on wealth and not purpose. I signed up to SmartPurse because I work with female financial planning clients and I can see this could be an amazing resource.